The Little Things

Flowers in a Purple vase

I make an effort to buy two different flower arrangements (the cheap ones that are usually ignored but are still just as pretty) once every week or two for each of my vases. I starting doing this when I heard or read somewhere that it can help brighten your mood. I’ve kept doing it ever since, so I guess it works. These flowers were my favorite of the two I picked up yesterday. I didn’t even catch what the name of these were, and I don’t even care. Lie! If you have an eye for this sort of thing , speak up… learn me something. The point is, when I wake up with this little bit of life staring me in the face and give them a whiff, I am suddenly able to hone in on my optimistic side. It’s the little positive things… Do them because you can.

coffee break

Before my horticultural hunt Sunday morning, I slept in until my eyes would stay sealed no more. That’s when I made a grocery list (laughing at myself later for forgetting trash bags). So, while my trash would be chilling in the nude shortly due to my lackluster list making skills, I did manage to grab something not on my grocery list (naturally). Coffee. I have been the obviously not so proud owner of a single cup coffee brewer since I moved away from home six years ago. It has never been used. Quite sadly, not once.

        [Distractingly placed back story: Growing up, my dad always drank instant coffee with a generous amount of creamer and sugar. My mom, on the other hand, took hers brewed black, with half water and half coffee. As an eleven year old girl trying figure out coffee for the first time, which parent do you think I took after? Up until about a year ago, if I were to drink a cup at home, it was certainly always instant… and laced with enough sugar and creamer to make Willy Wonka gag. But don’t worry, ever since I have acclimated myself to drinking real coffee at my office in the past year, I have laid off all the powdery stuff.]

Anyway, I came across these wonderful single cup pouches of dark roast Community Coffee in the grocery store. Figuring I was way overdue for de-flowering my coffee maker, I snatched them up and made my first cup at three in the afternoon. I made another one this morning. Having woken up early today, I leisurely sauntered through the motions of getting dressed for work while taking in the coffee shop aroma my mini-brewer had created throughout my apartment. It’s little things like this that make me feel at home.

Stuffed green bell peppers

Sunday is slowly becoming my routine attempt new recipe day. Because of this, I save all my house work and grocery shopping for this day. Of course I need a plan of action before I can step in to the store, otherwise I will end up with a bunch of random ingredients that not even Paula Dean could concoct anything edible from. Then I end up making meals out of celery sticks and sunflower seeds covered in ketchup or something. Tonight I made some beauties (those big fat green things). I have never even eaten a stuffed bell pepper (truth) let alone made some of my own. I stuffed these with brown rice, onions, the rest of the chopped bell pepper, Parmesan cheese, turkey sausage, and threw in mushrooms as well. The full recipe and step by step instructions are found here. They turned out pretty delectable. There’s nothing as victorious as nailing a new recipe on your first try. It’s the little feats…

What little things make you feel positive/at home/like a boss/etcetera?

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  1. Sounds like you make the most of your Sundays!

  2. The smell of summery candles make me feel positive. The things that make my home feel like my home are my magnents and little things I collect when I travel. Great post!

  3. I love the smell of coffee, but I never acquired a taste for it.

  4. May I suggest trying Chile Rellenos. They are also stuffed chilies, but they are a bit spicier and are super awesome. Or maybe try making some New England Clam Chowder. It’s pretty easy and super awesome. Plus it has bacon, which is super awesome. Did I say super awesome too much? Super awesome.

    Relevant links: chile relleno:
    New England Clam Chowder:

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