Movember is Not About Landscaping

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When I heard about Movember, I was sure it was all about some gang of hardcore landscapers ready to pull their rip-cords and just start weed whacking their way across the country.It is not. No one likes to mow that much.

I know he doesn’t need much of an introduction with you regulars in this blog land, but a certain Le Clown has kindly invited me to learn what Movember really is all about and extended an opportunity for me to help spread the word along with a few others. Let’s get ‘er done y’all.

Movember is a cause for men’s health and more specifically a platform for raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. The idea is to draw attention to the cause by encouraging the growth of glorious mustaches throughout the month of November. Obviously, Le Clown knows a thing or two about strategy, because I believe he used his knowledge of my obsession with facial hair to lure me in to this project. Where else would I rather be but smack dab in the middle of a bunch of blossoming mouth brows?

If you can’t physically grow a ‘stache, you should just go cry, because facial hair is the bees knees. I am only kidding, there are many other ways to support Movember should you be mustache growingly challenged. Here are some options:

  • Re-blog this or Le Clown’s or any post about Movember.
  • Grab that sexy badge up there and post it to your blog sidebar or wherever floats your boat.
  • Tweet it up
  • Write your own post about Movember or an experience you have had dealing with testicular cancer.
  • Like the Bloggers for Movember Facebook page.
  • Make a donation under the Bloggers for Movember team. (Click here to join if in the US and here to join for Canada)
  • Make out with someone with a mustache (pics or it didn’t happen!).

The more mustaches the merrier, so get ready. Movember is just around the corner.

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. Embarrassingly, I’m sure I could grow a really good ‘stache … I’m an Italian gorilla…but I might have to just blog awareness – would it be the same if I grew out my Caterpillar eyebrows instead?

    • You should totally do the eyebrow thing. I am in the process of growing mine out (I OCD pluck). I am being 100% serious too.

      • Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

        I’m so freakin’ hairy and so lazy about it. Please come pluck my ‘brows b/c I can’t stand how much time it takes to deal with all the extraneous hair (no beard, I’ve been spared that at least).
        At least you don’t engage in Trichotillomania – that would be painful.

        • You are right, it could be worse! You could always wax, but I wouldn’t trust anyone. I am afraid i’ll end up looking like Powder.

  2. “Make out with someone with a mustache.”
    Uh, yeah, I won’t be taking that option…

  3. Have the badge up but not on Facebook — sorry. Can post a pic of hubby’s stache.

  4. what the fuck is wrong with the two of you? saying “fuck” all over a public blog? fucking bastards. if i want to see the word fuck, i’ll go to church like everyone else. oh, you won’t “hear” fuck there. you’ll only feel it.

    anyway – funny facial hair story, which i must preface by saying that my face/facial hair is rather resemblant of the fabulous comedian louis c.k. if you don’t know what he looks like, fucking look it up.

    so, there’s an uncle i haven’t seen in a very long time, and i saw him last week at my father’s 80th birthday, which was combined with my 50th birthday, which isn’t here yet, but what the fuck. so my uncle asked when i grew the goatee, and i said, “funny story there. i was dating this girl a bunch of years back, and at that time my face was clean shaven regularly. so i’m dating this girl, and i didn’t really like the way she dressed – too masculine, except one night which i won’t go into yet. so i wanted to kindly get her to dress differently, and i lead into it by asking her if there was anything she’d like me to do to be more attractive to her. anything she’d like me to wear or anything i was wearing that she didn’t really like. i know – smoooooth i am. instead of clothes, she tells me she’d like me to grow a goatee. so i did. then one night, after a rather sweaty encounter, but sweaty for good reasons, i happened to be a lot closer to her than usual when i notice kind of a shadow. a shading. then i realized that she had like a fred flintstone 5 o’clock shadow going. up until then, she’d been very good at keeping it mowed. but on this night it had gotten out of hand, and then i realized why she wanted me to grow the goatee – because it would make it less likely that i would notice hers.

    badum bumm. true story. two shows saturday.

    • Who doesn’t know what the fuck Louis CK’s facial hair looks like? I actually may have tweeted him one time asking him if I could brush his beard. He did not reply.

      There is nothing like a good sandpapering of the face while kissing a girl with stubble.

      • at times i get complaints, but few and far between. you do NOT want to know the last time anything “fun” happened. well, fun that involved at least two people.

        • Hahahahaha. I am not laughing at you.

          • i hope you’re not laughing with me. however, “happy new year!” well, that’s not 100% accurate, depending on which activities we’re talking about. not a good time to ban the word “fuck” from you blog. or maybe it is a good time. see what two glasses of wine will do to me? well, okay, pint glasses. but it’s still a glass.

          • Put the bottle down… after you finish it of course.

          • holy crap. all these old comments i never saw until today.

        • I am pleased to hear you have facial hair. I liked you before, but now…

          • you can find a picture of me on goodreads. oh, that’s rude of me to suggest you should go search of a picture of me just to see what i look like. very rude. my apologies.

          • I already know what you look like. I don’t stalk you though, swear.

    • Rich,
      My man… I know I shouldn’t be teasing you like this, but something wicked this way comes for you… Well, more like early December. But I am really bad at surprises.
      Le Clown

  5. Does this mean we women should grow out our moustaches as well?

  6. I’m willing to put money that “mouth brow” is the oddest phrase I’ll hear this week.

  7. Becca,
    You fucking rock! Can I use fuck on your blog? I love the “make out with someone with a moustache”… Have you ever seen this Movember video? It’s magnificent:

    Le Clown

    • You certainly fucking can! I am so posting that video to Facebook.I am glad I wasn’t the only one coming up with the woman’s solution to supporting Movember ;). I personally can’t wait to have my own mustache ride.

      • Becca,
        Isn’t it the funniest fucking thing ever? But it’s very serious when it comes to the message, though.
        Le Clown

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