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  1. So what you’re saying is that you’re single….. Yes this makes perfect sense.

  2. Too late for me, obvi.

  3. Well, I’m a little late with this one, Becca… but I noticed one slight omission from your fine list… the cold sweats, the palpitations, the hallucinations, the trembling shakes, and the physical feeling that your eyes have glazed over when (I can’t bring myself to say it, but I must!) you have nothing to write about. Shudders. Need to lie down in a darkened room again now.

  4. I guess I’m an addict too. Every time something happens I’m converting it to a blog post. My purse is full of little scraps of paper with blog ideas. The right click button on the mousepad thingy of my laptop only works if you click it in a certain place … and I never miss.

  5. Nice, Becca. I’m reading your comments, stalking you know. You are a lot of fun! That Rich is too much picking you a part. WP is addictive all right. Orange is now my favorite color. I, too, like kitty cats. Did you save one today because I joined you? Hmm?

    • Yes, but please don’t tell animal protective services. I’m a little over a thousand kittens now. I assure you i take care of them all. But, It’s like a kitten foam pit in my apartment. I don’t even know how I type with all these cat tails in my face.

  6. Kinda like the hiccup thing, except without the hiccups, I often tell Tammy, “I’m SO writing about this,” when stuff happens. Then there’s the flip side where I have to tell her “I want to write about that but I can’t because it’ll offend too many people.” hahaha…

  7. You like cats? I like you.
    Haha, I’m a serious WordPress junkie, but onfortunately I’m also trying to make something of my life – a hard thing. But Wp has given me so much already, so many great people and interesting stuff. It’s too great to ignore.
    I’ll be returning here, I think…!

  8. Too funny! Numbers 6 and 7 are my favourite..The most satisfying feeling about blogging is refreshing your stats!! I wonder what I should do with all the extra funds in my bank account?! I smell shopping trip for more blogging track pants!

  9. I guess I’m also an addict, because I have the nastiest oldest keyboard and many of the keys are not only worn out and blank, but rounded at the edges too. Yet I still know what letters they represent!

  10. The first step is admitting it. The second step is holding up a liquor store so you can get your hands on some uncut Nicaraguan adverbs.

  11. There are worse things to be addicted to, young lady…
    At least you’re not an empty-headed diva!

  12. what does “word off” mean in item 1? about the W?

    • Do you have to catch all of my mistakes? My brain tries to type other things but is so used to typing WordPress into my browser, that I mess up and typed word instead of worn.

      • i thought maybe it was a short cut key for turning off MSWord. i wasn’t trying to catch mistakes. if that were my intention, i would’ve pointed out that a few times you – oh, someone’s calling. brb.

        • Great, now I am going to be up all night wondering if there really are other mistakes I’ve missed.

          • big dog chewed off my hands. can’t tell you the other typos.

          • Good. Now I can stop reading your annoying comments Mr. I-don’t-capitalize-my-i’s.

          • i don’t capitalize anything. i’m too busy to reach for the shift key. i look at capitalizing the same way i do putting someone’s name at the beginning of an e-mail. do they not know who they are? will they be unsure that the message was for them if their name isn’t at the top? but i realize that with caps it’s different because there’s a visual thing that marks the beginning of a sentence and makes it easier to read. while i do realize that, i’ve gone too long without capitalizing, and i’m too stubborn to change. i used to not capitalize all of my blog posts until i realized that perhaps i might turn off readers without capitalizing. it wasn’t easy to make the change. i tossed a coin. it was a chocolate coin, so it never made it to the ground.

            oh, hands grew back. gotta go to walmart for dog food. and kitchen towels with fall colors.

          • Have you been shooting up caffeine again? You can get away with the no caps thing, because you are you. Plus, It makes it easier for me to spot you in a crowd, but you and I both know there are no other typos in my post. Enjoy your dog food!

  13. let’s tackle this in segments:

    Des fois, je suis complètement perdu entre les deux langues

    Hey, female, that was a great chicken dinner with two flavors

    dont je parle quotidiennement,

    don’t buy that ointment just yet

    c’est beaucoup trop de mots pour ma petite tête,

    it’s great for small, warm, apples that fight.

    même si mon égo est démesurément gonflé.

    your mom thinks her penis measures more than mine

    Tu m’as bien fait rire ce matin.

    Nice belly fat on martin, eh?

    • I knew it! Stupid clown. Everyone knows it is a FACT that my mom’s penis measures more than Le Clown’s. And, honestly, the fighting apple’s are really starting to get on my nerves. They are getting apple juice all over everything.

  14. Food is totally overrated (never, but we’ll pre-TEND that it is…), and you have to have money in your account for your big move so you can write about it!! Positives all around!!!

  15. Just wait til you hit the next level of addiction: ignoring your blog stats.
    Though that might just be me because they’re too depressing to see…

    Either way, I’m glad there’s no cure for this, and keep on keepin on…

  16. Jill Pinnella Corso

    Love. I’m afraid to tell my family about my blog lest it compromise my journalistic integrity when it comes to trash talking them.

  17. I love words – I love this post…
    Growing up I had a dresser drawer that was stuffed full of all the notes I wrote to my friends. I love writing – I’m a complete email whore 🙂

    I love meeting other word-nerds too..

    • I have had a journal in some form or another since I was in second grade. Luckily for me my spelling has improved… but not by much. So glad you liked the post.Word Nerds unite!

      • Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

        Without at doubt!

        I never got into a jounal – I’ve tried but I seem to be more or an interactive writer. I love back & forth written dialogue

        • Absolutely! I kept the journal thing up all those years until internet came along (and texting). I am all about the sharp witty text exchange.

          • Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

            Ha ha – I have to admit I don’t text or tweet. I like long rambling emails and I hear Twitter just doesn’t allow for the chronically verbose!

          • No it sure doesn’t. It took me a while to master the art of a tweet. And by master I mean produce anything that makes sense in 150 characters or less.

          • Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

            That would, indeed, be a challenge for me as I tend to be quite long-winded and filled with punctuation that eats up many a character…I am especially fond of apositives, which are frequently by definition not necessarily germane to the senetence, and misspellings thereof….

          • If words were sex you would be quite the vixen.

          • Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

            hee hee…I sleep with the Oxford English Dictionary (all the volumes) in my bed at night ….

  18. Becca,
    Des fois, je suis complètement perdu entre les deux langues dont je parle quotidiennement, c’est beaucoup trop de mots pour ma petite tête, même si mon égo est démesurément gonflé. Tu m’as bien fait rire ce matin.
    Le Clown

    • Becca’s translation: Something, I have completed something in two languages something I speak something. it is a lot of something for my small head, no clue what the rest of this sentence says. You something good this morning.

      Conclusion: I don’t speak clown. Please translate. Thanks.

      • Becca,
        I must apologize… It seems like Le French Clown was here… I don’t even understand him… He’s a crazy bastard.
        Le Clown

        • You are welcome for the laugh ;). Try to keep those languages straight.

          • Becca,
            Did I say it publicly, yet? You rock, my friend. You really do. And not like a dusty rock, which has been hidden under earth for millions of years. No, like a rock star. Like Tom Cruise in Rock Ages, like the movie tag line: Tom Cruise is Brilliant. That’s right, that’s what the poster said. But it was a fucking lie. But I segue. You fucking rock. Becca is brilliant.
            Le Clown
            PS: No more coffee for me.

          • I want to be on your level so hard right now.

            More coffee!!!!!!!!!

  19. Deliberately Delicious

    This was so funny and so true! Signs that I’m a word addict: I have dreams about people commenting on grammatical errors in my posts. And I compulsively photograph everything, just in case…

  20. Great post. I’m turning into a junkie myself 🙂

  21. Yep, I think I have this too. Well, actually, I know I have it.

    I wanted to thank you, you were my 100th “like” on my Facebook page. I’ve been sitting at that 99 for a few weeks. Thanks!

    • *GASP* do I win a prize? That is wonderful Jon! You can come to my WA (wordaholics anonymous of course) meetings with me if you like.

      • Well, I gave you a shout out in my last post, if that counts as a prize. I think I would enjoy WA meetings. I wrote something (long time ago) about being addicted to books. “Hello, I’m Jon and I’ve been book free for zero days.” The only anonymous meeting where it’s okay to slip up.

  22. This is a cute post.

    I have noticed your signature on all posts, I love it. How do you do that?

    • Thank you Evelyn! I am glad you enjoyed it. Honestly? I am kind of embarrassed to say, but I did it in good ole fashion Microsoft Paint. Then I just uploaded the image and sized it using the WordPress media editing function. I got the idea from Rian over at … but hers makes mine look like a five-year-old’s finger painting.

      • xoEvelynOrtizHasSpoken

        Your Welcome 🙂

        Lol, oh okay. No don’t be embarrassed, its very creative.

        && yeah I think I initially saw it on that blog, I thought it was new thing added to the posting process lol. But, your doing it the “old fashion way” – there is nothing wrong with that!

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