Pretty People

I had a dream the other night. Here is what ensued:

Eric Bana

You’re welcome for my face.

I was invited to some undisclosed honorary event of high magnitude. Everyone was there, even Jared the Subway guy. For some reason we all had to ride in one over sized charter bus to this event. While in line awaiting to board the bus, I got stuck behind Jared. I could see all of my blogging buddies way ahead of me already claiming seats on the bus. Stupid Jared. You didn’t shrink down to half your original size just to block me from all of the witty banter and F words unfolding on that bus.

I formulated a plan to catch up with my people. In a flash of genius, I decided to distract him by whispering, “I don’t have five bucks for your foot long, but give me six inches and we will call it even”. Surprisingly, this didn’t phase him. He just stared me down blankly like I was less desirable than a veggie sub. There was no other option, so in a final attempt to get around him, I ran to the back of the line and screamed, “Where did all this fried chicken come from?”.

After successfully making it onto the cozy bus, I was searching for a seat when I bumped into a man. Not just any man. The holy grail of men. Eric Bana. He turned, almost in slow motion, as the bus’s high-powered air conditioner blew his hair ever so perfectly across his forehead. “You have a lovely necklace there”. Apparently dream me was wearing pearls, which doesn’t make much sense, because I don’t do pearls. But hey, Eric Bana gets what Eric Bana wants. I’ll be happy to quit my day job and become a fucking oyster hunter if need be.

He then flashed a flawless smile as I replied, “Why, thank you”. It was so beautiful. It is the kind of conversation I have always dreamed of having with the sexiest man alive. Yeah, I did that on purpose.

End dream sequence

Come to think of it, almost all of my dreams include celebrities. Usually, those celebrities actually represent real people in my life. I have yet to understand why. But, in spirit of Emily’s fun blog post yesterday, I figured I’d share who I think would play some of my friends around here.

richard gere

Rich – It’s funny because they have the same name.

george clooney burn after reading

Le Clown – but only as the Clooney in Burn After Reading. Don’t lie, you know you would make that chair.

julia roberts

Jillian – Young Julia, not old Julia. Probably the Julia from Eat. Pray. Love.

John Cusack

The Hook – because he is the man, and Cusack seems to always play roles in hotels.

rashida jones

LaLa/Lauren – Two words: hot. funny. Plus her and I (as Kate Hudson) would get in to loads of funny trouble together.

kristen davis

Cheryl – I imagine she is as pretty as she is kind and insightful.

I wish I could peg all of your celebrity doppelgangers, but my job that I actually get paid for keeps getting in the way of my blogging. It’s a rough life man.

becca cord signature

About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. Holy shit! Charlotte! I have always secretly loved Charlotte’s kindness and innocence. If I looked half that good I’d be impressed, but please, dream of me in this way all you want! Thanks for the props! I would have gotten to this without the prodding soomer or later– it is the end of the quarter I am buried in grading– I have 62 unread blogs on my email, and I plan on reading every one! Oh yes, you’re blogs will be read!!!!!

    You rock!

  2. I’ve not been well this weekend, so dreaming hasn’t happened for me. Your party sounds like it was fun!

  3. Eric Bana and Richard Gere look very much alike in those pics …

  4. Oh, I think I figured it out. You can be Deborah Ann Woll. She’s that hot little red-haired vampire on “True Blood.” She even has an accent, just like I’d imagine you to have.

  5. Oh sister, you’re so funny. I want a celebrity dream now. How can I make it happen? Do you meditate or something? I like your picks. Now who will you be? I’ll have to dream on it.

    • I think you have to sleep with an OK! or Star magazine under your pillow. Try that.

      I don’t think I look like these women, but I love Kristen Wig and Chelsea Handler, so I would want to be them.

  6. I once dreamed I was married to Marilyn Manson.

    I’m not even a fan.

  7. No fair. Even your dreams are awesome. I either forget my dreams or am so scared by them that I’m afraid to fall asleep for a week.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one to have celebs turn up in their dreams! Although mine tend to turn up in character, so it’s not really the celeb, is it?

    And Clooney in Burn After Reading is totally Le Clown.

  9. Blusharama! Though I could relate to Julia in Eat, Pray, Love. Well, at least the eating and loving… ^.^ (Man, my love life got way more exciting after I broke up – just like Julia’s! Oh!)

    I sometimes remember my dreams in detail like this, but sadly, celebrities rarely/never make appearances in my dreams. Usually it’s people I haven’t seen in forever, which can get kinda weird…

  10. No fair, you get to dream about celebrities! Celebrities that give you sweet compliments. I only dream about canned soup. If there are ever any celebrities, they’re usually filing for restraining orders against me 😦

  11. also also, if anyone wanted to actually see a picture of me, i can be found – for now – on it’ll be removed when i get around to it. removing it because someone who doesn’t like me once copied my pic off facebook and made a phony facebook page pretending to be me and trying to cause trouble for me. i do well enough on my own that i didn’t need his help.

  12. question: who is the girl in the white tank top? i thought it was you but a black and white pic, so the lack of red hair in the b/w pic fooled me.

    another question: can i kill richard gere and take his face? i hear they do amazing things with surgery now.

    love the friend chicken line.

    also, if you said that “six inches” line on me, then i’d answer with something like, “okay, i’ll give you six, but what should i do with the three leftover?” badum bumm.

  13. You are FAR too kind. Thank you. We would have so much fun!!!!!!

  14. YES! LaLa is TOTALLY Rashida Jones.

  15. Pretty People? Where was your picture, Becca? They don’t get much cuter… Except for my wife and daughter, that is!

  16. How do you manage to dream of celebrities every night? What’s your secret???

    I can see your resemblance to Laura Prepon but I think you’re prettier than she is.

    • I don’t know! It is weird. I don’t even get into celebrity drama or anything. I don’t even have cable! Maybe dream me just knows I like seeing Eric Bana’s sweet handsome face.

      And wow. You are now my favorite. I’ll send you a kitty in thanks. 🙂

  17. Thank god you didn’t list me with Steve Buscemi’s picture.

  18. I’m jealous you remember so much of your dreams. I only remember bits and pieces. Like, last night I dreamed Twitter changed its name to Inca. I don’t even know what that could possibly mean. It’s a little sad when you dream about Twitter.

    • I dream about internet way too much. I have always been able to remember my dreams pretty vividly though. Sometimes it is not such a good thing!

      If Twitter gets bought by some company called Inca in the future, I am making you my personal psychic.

  19. Becca,
    Oh! You dreamt of Corey Feldman! Lucky you… He was magnificent in The Goonies… I have never been compared to George Clooney before, but i must admit that there is a ressemblance on that particular picture, and movie. It’s been told that George does enjoy being told he looks like Le Clown.
    Le Clown
    PS: I like your La La one…

    • Cory Feldman wishes he was Eric. Hell, you are lucky to have the same name as him. We are all lucky he even exists!

      George Clooney wish he was Le Clown.

      • Becca,
        Did I miss the part where you added your doppelganger? Or am I just too tired? I remember the first time I dropped on your blog, and made fun of my man Rich… My first thought was: “She is of Who is Healthy”, and I thought to myself: she does look like Lisa Kudrow, only if she would own a Harley-Davidson, and listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
        Le Clown

        • Guess what… I DO listen to black rebel motorcycle club. I didn’t pick a doppelganger for myself. That’s y’all’s job, but people have said I look like Laura Prepon.

  20. I will occasionally have name brand pasta in my dreams. That about as celebrity as I get…

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