Le Clown finally let me use his blog. I kind of feel like I am Sam Wheat in that one scene from Ghost and his blog is Oda Mae Brown. I can even almost hear Unchained Melody playing in the background. Yeah, I went there with the Ghost reference. Problem with that? I didn’t think so. Go read my masterpiece and finally see the reveal of my JACKSTACHE!

About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

Posted on November 21, 2012, in Adventures. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Seen! That is one awesome ‘tashe! And I totally get why you went there with the Ghost reference – it’s too awesome not to.

  2. Awesome reblog and great work – all of you!

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