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I am overwhelmed since the end of Becca on Fire, so this is an old post I wrote back in May that I re-edited for today. I wanted to revisit my blog’s history for a moment of deep reflection on how things have changed and how I have grown.

We both know that’s not true. I am really just too busy re-gifting last year’s snuggies and bad DVDs. So here, have this re-gifted blog specially selected by me for you. I will most likely not post again until the weekend. Instead, this week I will throw myself back into YOUR blogs that have been neglected in lieu of the beautiful chaos.

tuesday sucks

Is it just me, or is Tuesday the most uneventful day of the week? Check it out.

  • Monday is the black sheep of the weekday family, but at least it is known for something. It’s famous for all the wrong reasons, but that’s the way to do it these days, right?
  • Wednesday is kind of like the just-popular-enough step brother of Thursday. It also is often referred to by using the word hump, which is never a bad thing unless it is in the same sentence with the word surprise or butt. If you aren’t familiar with humping, just ask Daan.
  • Thursday is just close enough to Friday to switch your thoughts from putting proximity mines in your favorite co-worker’s cubicle, to thoughts of drinking rum in your  backyard in a hammock for two whole days. Isn’t that everyone’s idea of a weekend well spent?
  • Friday = Parties, paychecks, and pandemonium. I don’t think elaboration is necessary.
  • Saturday is Mecca. Saturday is that distant cousin of all other week days who ran off from the weekday family to live a Summer in Paris sipping Cafe au Lait by day and squandering Absinthe by night. It is the day to sleep in, do whatever you want, and then entertain the enchanting notions of  the unpredictable course Saturday night could take you. OR you can play Hitman until your eyeballs look weird and everyone thinks you are either stoned or Steve Buscemi.
  • Finally, there is Sunday Funday. Even the most chill day of the week gets an inviting name. Host of family barbecues, abundant naps, football, catching up on housework, and maybe even a little front porch swing action, Sunday is akin to Wednesday but with slightly better genes.

What happened to Tuesday? You never hear anyone say, “Dude, you will never believe what went down last Tuesday”. Okay, maybe you might, but for me Tuesdays remain the most mundane of all the days, and the only thing that’s “going down” is my spirits.

Maybe I will reinvent Tuesday. It’s time to take the monotony out of Tuesday. It will finally be envied by all the other weekdays. Here is what I am thinking:

Tool Tuesday: Wrap things in tulle while listening to Tool and sitting on a stool.
Why it won’t work: Tuesday will always suck, and I used all of my tulle to make an indoor hammock for Saturday.

I will be working on getting my shit together and writing a legitimate post with awards, tequila, fireworks,  people doing ridiculous things in horse masks and maybe even some real jokes! You know, something worth seeing. Until then, please go visit Le Clown and help him get another deserving blogger Freshly Pressed. There, I pulled a Santa. I am done until 2013.

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. Ah, but Tuesdays are special here at OHP. They’re our day off timetable. Of course not a lot actually happens, but they’re a day where we’re freer and don’t have to be in Chapel and can chill out (and stay in bed all day if we wish, although I think we’re required to get dressed to go to the refectory for our meals). And this coming Tuesday is pretty darned cool, given that it’s Christmas Day!

  2. I wish Becca on Fire week was every week!!

    I attribute feelings to random things like numbers, days of the week or pairs of underwear. Eight was my favorite number for a long time because I felt sad that it was never anyone’s favorite number. What a raw deal! I feel the same way about Tuesday. I try to give it props because everyone just player hates it.

  3. My company gives out paydays on Tuesday – I think they wanted it to feel special.

  4. I like Tuesdays … but I like everyday for as their only difference is spelling and general pattern. For instance, the high of TGIF Fridays sets up the low of Oh Shit its Monday … but not with me … even keeled.

  5. This year Christmas is on a Tuesday. Pandemonium Tuesday exists.

  6. Titty Tuesday? Tatty Tuesday? Tarts for Tuesday? Didn’t a sucko band write a song called “Tuesday Afternoon?” Traumatic Tuesday? I could go on – but I won’t b/c it’s Wednesday – Willy Wednesday, that is…

  7. I have more experience with tulle than I care to admit!

  8. I love humping day and I love Saturday too. Also my birthday and my christmas. Oh! And I love my two cats.
    Hello? Is any of this getting through?!?!

  9. I feel sorry for Tuesday, Becca.
    It always tries to make a name for itself, but just doesn’t. We have Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, which tends to be forgotten around these parts. Bank Holiday Tuesday when two events that call for a bank holiday occur over a weekend (very occasionally). And, I’m pretty sure that voting day used to be a Tuesday until they moved it to Thursday. Or am I thinking of Budget day? Not certain now…
    Yes. Tuesday never quite makes it. Sad…

  10. Recycling can be fun, Becca!
    I actually needed to smile right now. i feel like crawling into a corner and dying, so this was a much-needed break from my hours of wallowing in self-pity.
    Yes, I know there are millions of people in the world who are suffering more than yours truly, but I’m human and we’re selfish at times, so there!.

  11. I kind of like Tuesdays. No one cares if you do anything at work or not, and it’s such a meh day, you can just be wrapped up in your own head, and no one notices.

  12. Becca, you obviously need to get to the left coast. Tuesday is for great taco and drink specials. Locally for me there’s a great farmer’s market/artist’s market with street performers and $5 all you can eat taco bars and cheaper drinks. Don’t blame Tuesday. Blame the people in your area for letting it suck! 😀

  13. “Tool Tuesday: Wrap things in tulle while listening to Tool and sitting on a stool.”

    hahaha. Hmmmm. This is so natural

  14. Oddly enough, Tuesday is when most bloggers update their blogs, I see it all over my reader.
    Tuesdays suck tho, I gotta work late on Tuesday, by work I mean stay in the office till 10 watching videos on YouTube because porn in boring.

  15. There isn’t even anything good on TV on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are void of purpose and light.

    Until this post, though, I never realized that our power couple name would be Mecca.

  16. The only time people talk about Tuesday is when they’re arguing over it’s pronunciation. That’s all it’ll ever be good for.

  17. i do that occasionally – going to back and finding older posts that nobody ever read because i had no followers back then, and then reposting it.

    also, thursday is the new friday.

  18. I agree with everything here, except the run and hammock thing, maybe a year ago I would well up for trying that, if I can substitute PepsiMax for rum, I’m with you all the way.

  19. I know some Orlando folks are trying to win this losing battle against Tuesday being so hum-drum. Maybe it’s spread to other cities too. Actually, I’m sure it has because Orlando is consistently 2-5 years behind the trends. We’re a little slow on the up-take. I haven’t taken part in it yet, but I do like the name. Taco Tuesdays. And voila, Tuesday is only a teensy bit less lame.

  20. Heeey! What a nice surprise! Thank you for the bloghumpin’love!

    I can tell you why no one does anything on Tuesdays, though. Tuesday is the day that Paris Hilton wakes up and parties so hard the whole world gets depressed.

    I’m actually not kidding, I saw it on MTV once. She actually goes out on Tuesdays. Why? Beats me. But I’m sure it makes sense in her (empty) head.

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