Oh Y’all

It’s Friday, which means come five o’clock, I will transition in to the non-virtual world. Kind of like when Ariel gets legs for a while at the price of losing her voice. I try to disconnect from the WWW on weekends to maintain my reputation as an actual human and not a robot.

becca ariel

Pretty much identical.

As you all know, I suffered through some writer’s block recently. What I realized today, is that it wasn’t a problem with letting the words flow or putting together entertaining sentences, but rather an issue of topic. My ideas are lost somewhere on an island talking to a volley ball. SOS. I need your  help. If you have any post ideas that you think I should explore, or anything you would like to hear my take on, please leave your suggestion(s) in the comments. I will of course give you credit for the idea should I use it. I will also write your name in my notepad with a heart around it.

Before I announce the winning comments from the past week… or three, or whatever, I would like to say thank you to two ladies. Firstly, thanks to Ms. Maddie Cochere. She drives a truck, rides motorcycles without a helmet, and apparently loves a gamble. She is basically a Bandito, but she still isn’t above blog awards and using the term “sweet”. Thank you for the compliment. I always wanted to be described like a candy bar. I don’t usually participate in the awards anymore, but sometimes I like to answer the questions that come along with them. This is one of those times:

Cookies or Cake?  I don’t like sweets. But I will fuck up some fortune cookies.
Chocolate or Vanilla?  Sounds racist.
What is your favorite sweet treat? Again, I don’t fancy sweets except for the fact that I usually drink my sugar with a dash of coffee.
When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I have a penis. That means never in case you are confused.
If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? Urban Dictionary says that sweet means, “something pretty awesome”. Since Urban Dictionary has not failed me in my life ever, I will use this definition. Someone called me “boots” once, and that was pretty sweet. 

I would also like to thank Ms. Marie for adding me to her Featured Posts this week on Good Morning Joe. There are a great variety of interesting reads over there. I give you permission to go visit, but be sure to look both ways when you cross the street.

And now for the comment winners…

Adam of My Right to Bitch on 10 Personal Post Secrets Revealed

right to bitch blog

John, aka Red, of Society Red on Shit Bloggers Do , because he was the  first one to recognize my hidden joke in the tags.

Society Red

And finally, Brother Jon on Who Are You Ty Ling?.

brother jon

Y’all are obviously clever, so get to typing more comments. Give me your ideas my pretties. Please and thank you. Oh, and have a good weekend too yo.

becca cord signature

About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. I have not read any one else’s comments really so I don’t know if I’m repeating anything or not…

    1. Please show us your dance moves.
    2. Since you’re not a dessert person, share with us a (new) yummy recipe that you enjoy.
    3. Dub over your favorite scenes in some of your favorite movies and make up new lines or tweak them to portray your current life situation.

  2. rollinwithcarro

    I have nominated you to the The Very inspiring Blogger award! check it out here

  3. I have to say I was having writers block for quite some time. But then I turned on the radio/ news and realized that there are so many stupid things going on that really need someone to comment on. My latest blog post talks about how crazy it is that Facebook actually makes it into Divorce Filings- I am sure you would have a sarcastic and funny spin on that!

  4. Oh, this is a fun challenge! Maybe a day in the life of Becca is she were(a Robot, a Mustang, etc), or a case study on why if common sense is so rare, why is not classified as a super power? You have my fun thinking cap on! Be prepared for me to come to this comments section 🙂

  5. Becca,
    This is a random comment. Could you please change the picture in your footer area? Somehow, I think that blonde Becca is an impostor, and just riding on your coattail.

  6. How about if either you woke up one day and you realized you were a celebrity. What would you do? Or flip the scenario and you were a celebrity and you woke up and you were anonymous. Just promise that if you don’t use it, you don’t tell anyone so I can use it for my NY times bestseller.

  7. Maddie is the shiz-nit. Brother Jon’s comment is my favorite, hands down. Or hands up, doesn’t really matter. How do you not crave sweets? Are you sure you’re human?

  8. Deliberately Delicious

    I am not adding a suggestion about something you could write about because I know I get all wound up and can’t write whenever I feel like I HAVE to write something. I felt that way as my 100th post approached, as my first year as a blogger approached, and I feel like that every time someone nominates me for an award. So, just know that I’ll look forward to whatever you decide to post, whenever you decide to post it 🙂

    And I applaud you for getting off the internet for the weekend. That is SO healthy!

  9. Write about what would happen if your best dream and your worst nightmare overlapped.

  10. Here’s an out there idea… you could write a play. Then you could act out all the different characters by switching hats, adding glasses or a feather boa. That would make a great vlog.

    • OH how it would! That’s actually a hilarious idea. I don’t know that I have a big enough wardrobe. Improvise! I have more vlog ideas than actual post ideas currently if you can believe it or not. Soon to come! Thanks Steph.

  11. Ideas? Gosh, you are the idea queen. I think you should take some of your fav comments of the week and make a post out of them. Or secretly insert the one liners somewhere into a post and see if anyone notices.

    • Hardly! But thank you. Now y’all are really starting to bring on the winning ideas! I like the idea of slipping in the one-liners. It would be fun to see who catches them. Thanks ma’am ;).

  12. You misspelled that sweet nickname you got once. You meant to write “toots.”

    “When do you crave sweet things the most? When I have a penis. That means never in case you are confused.”

    Now THAT is a winning line. Also interesting from a male/female dynamic perspective. Men like sweet women, women don’t like sweet men (as in, too nice, supplicating, etc…).

    Also, I like the old-fashioned way of saying that you like someone where you say that you’re sweet on someone. Awww. Vomit.

    Okay, so blog topics:
    Dance? I know it’s not your 1 and only anymore, but I personally would find this interesting and it may intrigue your readers to hear about your past and how it led to your fly-ness now. Your royal fly-ness. That’s a good title.

    So, going with more ideas, following your about page (http://25tofly.com/about/) I’d say (and if you’ve covered these, link to ’em):

    Why did you decide to be a business student? What’s your ultimate goal? If you want to go normal “career” type thing and not start your own business eventually tell us that. If the career type job is just in order to get your loans paid off and then start your own business, tell us about that.

    Laughter – Have you done any stand-up? Do you plan to expand your humor outside of the blog?

    At what point do you think you’ll descend directly into cat-lady-dom?

    • Dude. Great ideas. Thanks! I don’t think I have elaborated on the ideas you mentioned that follow my about page. I think I will absolutely have to explore those posts. The stand up thing is something I have an idea about as well. Stay tuned my friend.

      P.S. I really like that you like the term “sweet on you”. I love that. Puke.

  13. I can’t wait to watch Brother Jon turn into a showgirl in 2013.

  14. It’s not 5:00 yet, so I should be in under the wire. Thank you for answering the questions, and now I know you don’t like sweets! Lucky you, because it is a curse. … For starters, I think there should be a Monday post of what you do over the weekend. I’d also like a post on your closet – organized? pairs of shoes? colors? You can wear pink as a blonde but not a redhead, yes? Why do I suspect you might hate pink. 😉 And there are surely some interesting things in said closet. Have a good weekend, Becca!

    • Maddie, you really didn’t disappoint me with your ideas! These sound like ideas I can really pull from and enjoy doing so. THANK YOU. By the way, your suspicions are spot on!

  15. Roger that Boots,
    Thanks for the shout out Becca. You’re such a sweetheart!
    You work for an oil field company right? There has to some goofballs there; why not write about them? I personally would like to know what a day in the life Becca is all about.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. If I was a 20 something woman I could probably come up with some ideas. sigh, but alas I am not. See, you could write about how cool you will be even in 20 more years. haha!

  17. Ha! Brother Jon’s comment killed me. I think you should write more about Little Mermaid, Becca. And dress up as her! For your next vlog! You could actually pull that off. Big time. I’m being serious. I love The Little Mermaid. It’s actually part of a post I was planning to publish today, and didn’t. Get out of my head!

    • Dress up sounds like way too much fun. I actually have an idea for my next vlog post, but it will have to wait until my internet is not sick anymore. It has the flu… or something. Make sure you post that link back here when you do publish!

  18. Chocolate or Vanilla? Sounds racist.

    Racist, I don’t even run! <— Do you see the genius in what I just did there! 😛

    Seriously, you don't like sweets? mmmm sweets. Now I kind of just want to eat sugar all day.

    • I think I ate too much powdered sugar straight out of a bowl when I was a child. This is not a joke or an exaggeration.

      • That sounds tempting. I am sure you ended up running around your room in circle. By the end of the month it must have looked like Scrooge McDuck’s think room with his lucky penny.

        Hey, this is the beginning of the weekend, you are suppose to be off the computer!!! -shakes fist-

  19. Enjoy your “Becca Unplugged Weekend”, Becca!
    Personally, i think you could write about ANY topic and it’d be a hit! Of course, that doesn’t help at all, does it?

  20. Prince Eric’s a lucky guy. Girls love a grossly vast should/chest to waist ratio, despite it looking scary in real life.

  21. Becca, you’re always so sweet! Ha ha ha. Idea, idea, idea…I don’t think I’m going to win this one at all. Dammit! I’m depleted.

  22. I haven’t gone back for Chinese since, but 2013 is going okay anyway.

  23. The combo of Ariel and “Oh y’all” sucked me in. You could do a post with all the fun undertones in The Little Mermaid (or is that gross?).
    Roger that. Good to know.

  24. Aw shucks! Thanks for the mention Becca! When you wrote a thank you to Maddie I thought “Awesome! She’s such a cool gal! I wonder who the second one is.” Yikes…I can be a little lost sometimes.

    And, [wo] man….you DO look like Ariel! I always wanted to be Belle.

  25. Your responses evoked to mini-memory explosions in my brain that are totally unrelated: The “chocolate or vanilla” reminded me of the trailer for the movie Young Frankenstein which ends with “Filmed in black & white! (no offense)” thus furthering proof that Young Frankenstein’s awesomeness extends beyond the confines of the movie, in to the trailer.

    Second, I now have the Beastie Boys going through my head, because of their line, “I like my sugar with coffee and cream.” And starting the day with B-boys & Mel Brooks in one’s head is a good thing, so well done, you.

  26. Since you put up that Ariel pic, why not explore the whole fascination with mermaids? And redheads too, while you’re at. Have a good weekend, Becca. And you had me at “Oh, y’all.” 😀

  27. Becca,
    I was trying to comment on my comment just now. I was going to tell myself ‘good job’, but it wasn’t working. It was a confusing moment.

    P.S. there’s your post idea…

  28. Ariel kind of looks like Jesus. Explore.

  29. I had an idea once.
    Wish I could remember it…

    Have a great weekend!

  30. IT’S LIKE YOU’RE TWINS. Also, I’ve accepted my fate as a robot. A sad little robot who enjoys pizza and wine by herself on a Friday.

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