Let’s Make a Deal

Three orders of business today puppets:

1. A major thank you is due to Le Clown yet again for being my hero. He is the mastermind behind taking what started as a photography experiment and turning it into the outstanding piece of banner you see at the top of my page. What you see today is the final product of much work. And he did it through a drug haze. Let’s all show him extra love today.

2. Speaking of Le Clown, there is an important post today on his second blog Black Box Warnings. It’s important, because I wrote it. It is also important, because it was not easy. I struggled with how to write this post. I beat myself up for not being able to pull out the serious. I avoided it like it was an army of bullfrogs. If you don’t know I hate frogs, you do now. But I prevailed. So please, check it out. If you love me you will (said the abusive guilt tripping blogger).

3. More guilt tripping. If you missed my post and vlog yesterday, you need to stop slacking and go read/watch it, because I was kind of sort of maybe really definitely proud of it.


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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. I thought your post was well written, Becca! Of course you already know this since you replied to my comment on that post 🙂

  2. Becca. I like the banner. It’s very tricky, sleek, and suits you. Magnificent, Le Clown!

  3. Surely you already know I love you? I mean, I follow you, I comment on almost every post, and I even commented on your BBW post before I saw this post.

    So, we’re good, right? Or do I need to send extra love along with snuggles and fluffy blankets?

  4. I’m diggin the new banner, Becca.
    Bout to go check out your BBW post(that looks funny, doesn’t it?)

  5. “puppets”? so you’re treating us like lemmings? inane little mindless followers? like you’re something superior? get off your high horse. and toss me a cracker. actually, i get two. just whizzed in the yard, and you owe me.

  6. Question: Where do I send my completed Black Box Warnings post? If all else fails, I suppose I can always send it to you to forward to Le Clown…
    Let me know when you get a break from being awesome and shopping for new long johns, please?

    • The Hook,
      If you want to guest post, I can send you an invitation to Black Box Warnings. You could write your post there at your own pace, and keep it as a draft. And if you want to publish it, we will give you a date. You can write me personally if you’d like at clownonfire at gmail dot com. I’d be happy to chat you more around it.
      Le Clown

      • I’ve actually sent it off to you already, my friend! Do with it what you will. We can chat about it through e-mail; it may not be everything you want in a guest post, but we’ll see, won’t we?

    • He is always 25 steps ahead of me.

  7. I dig your new look, Becca. I’ll overlook the puppet thing because I like you. I did see your video and thought you were very brave for showing us your closet. ;). On my way to read your other post! What the relevance of the monkey? Do you like monkeys? Who doesn’t? 😀

    • Is it that you feel like puppet is derogatory, or that you don’t like the pet name in general. It is meant to be a pet name! I love y’all!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my weird closet inventory vlog. Thanks Brigitte, I hope you enjoy the BBW post.

      Oh, and the monkey has no significance. A photographer friend of mine made the sign, I simply wrote the little inside jokes on it.

  8. The new banner is very nice. And your post on Black Box Warnings is a good one, though I myself take drugs to deal with chronic depression and severe anxiety. But to each his or her own. I left you a comment over there. But I love the new banner.

    • Thank you, the banner makes me very giddy.

      If it works for you, there is nothing wrong with it. So glad you stopped by.

    • Mary,
      I am of the school of thoughts that depression and other ailments will often be treated by an ensemble, something like life habits, meds when needed, diet, therapy. It’s by combining forces that I have seen differences in my own life. Laughter, as great as it can be, wouldn’t “fix” diabetes, but it can help improve the mood and outlook on life, and make it easier on the fact that insulin injections will be part of a diabetic’s life…

  9. I hate the banner. (JK, I just wanted to be different.) hugzkisses and gross things you do to strangers in a dark alley. (I don’t know where that came from…weird Thailand mood, or I have a parasite or something)

  10. That banner is too cool for school, Becca! I’m heading over to Black Box Warnings now. By the way kudos on writing for Le Clown; I’m not sure I have the time or ambition – or courage – to bear my soul. We’ll see.

  11. Becca,
    Ooooh…! Ahhhhh….!
    Le Clown
    PS: I expect this to be part of your comments of the week.

  12. I love the new banner! Heading over to Black Box Warnings now

  13. As I said the other day, love the banner! And now even more since it’s the final version! Heading over to BBW. Kudos and hugs to you for writing a post there—I haven’t even seen it yet but I’m sure it’s awesome.

  14. Like the new banner! Very fancy with the moustache and all!

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