Something Is Amiss

This past weekend was the Superbowl, but instead I went bear hunting. You read that correctly. I don’t have pictures to prove it, and I wasn’t actually hunting. You game wardens out there can calm down. So while you were watching Beyonce knock out the power with her bootyliciousness and extensions, I was searching for Winnie The Pooh. How do you feel about that?

woods and tractors

Bear watching and tractors. Fuck yeah. Take that Superbowl.

I can’t get into detail about what happened to me out in those woods, but not because I did anything illegal. The real reason I can not properly tell you about my excursion is because there is something amiss with my blog. While attempting to wow you with a post about my Bear Grylls (no name-pun intended) antics, my blog started acting… funny. And not the normal kind of  hilarious funny.

For example:

When I attempted to click the “New Post” tab, a java script error popped up on my screen that said, “Oh, finally attempting a post? Haha, nope,” and my whole browser shut down on its own. I wasn’t even touching the mouse.

On my second attempt, as I tried to navigate back to the WordPress homepage, I kept getting redirected to the Creative Writing for Dummies Cheat SheetI knew there was something funky in the water at this point.

As a true test, I decided I would try to answer some comments that were being neglected. When I guided my cursor over the reply box, the faded default message, “Enter your comment here…” no longer existed. In its place was, “Peanut butter jelly time baby cakes…”. When I tried to erase it and type my own message, everything came out in Webdings font. This is when I opened the Jim Beam and closed the lap top.

I’m befuddled as to what has been happening to my blog. It took seventeen battles with my dashboard just to bang out this cry for help post for today. Have any of you been experiencing shenanigans on your blogs? Is WordPress just playing an early April fools joke on me, or is there something bigger at work here? Any insight is appreci B============D—–

What the fu ( . )( . )   ( . )( . )   ( . )( . )


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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. Because of your gaming background I am perfectly at ease with an ‘armed to the teeeth’ Becca. Bears beware.

  2. Nothing weird has happened to me other than I haven’t been getting very many search engine hits lately. Although, today I got 90 people looking for pictures of “garbage truck.” The next closest was 3 people looking for “cranberry pants men.” The sad thing is I remember writing about men who wear cranberry colored pants and they actually were in the right place.

  3. I have no words of encouragement and no way to help you. But I will say I enjoyed the B=====D and the (.)(.)… So maybe keep doing that? You’re on your way to a more classy kind of porn.

  4. Blimey, Becca.
    I’m seeing orange spots!
    Tell me, though, before the browser closed, did you notice anything else unusual? A strange, orange-coloured speech bubble, perhaps? I see them on my blog occasionally when I reply to comments there… not before I reply, but after.
    Something is amiss…

  5. I’ve already liked your facebook page.

    I suspect WP is just jealous that you went looking for Winnie-the-Pooh and it was stuck at home watching the Superbowl.

  6. WordPress folks are busy little bees, aren’t they? They always seem to be tinkering with something. I had to email this week about not showing up in people’s Reader!I don’t know why I’m not getting 10,000 hits a day now… 😉

  7. I had something similar happen a while back – I took the proactive approach of despairing and hoping things changed without my action.

  8. I think government is trying to suppress your right to be awesome, Becca.
    Who did you tick off?

  9. Not until I read the comments did I even realize those were emotiboobs. Six emotibobs were right in front of me and there was no recognition on my part. I am so broken!

  10. Becca,
    You’re too funny! I go straight to your tags now to first determine which Becca is writing today. Quite the prankster!
    ( + ) ( + )

  11. I think if you would have just rubbed your boobs all over your laptop, the entire problem would have gone away.
    P.S. I got the bear. 😉

  12. Becaa, must be a sign…of what, I don’t know? It’s funny how everyone just wants to talk about boobs, isn’t it? I feel it in the air, myself. A lot of people are needing a little break. Please don’t shoot Pooh Bear.

  13. Becca, that is really weird! Have tried ctrl+alt+del?

    If you have, then try again lifting you left foot (without the sketchers…it causes some sort of gamma ray or something) and pointing west with your right ring finger ? (apologies if you actually don’t have full set of fingers in your right hand…)

    if that doesn’t work, it might be a virus, so rub a little vick vapor rub behind the screen, that usually fixes it for me.


  14. No problems like you discussed. But WordPress was sucking ass pretty badly on Friday as my epic post on Beyonce did not appear in my or anyone else’s reader that day. I asked them for help and they responded 3 days later with, “it’s in there now.” This happens a lot with them.

    And why so small on the nips? (o)(o)

  15. If you’re like the woman in my office, you’ll expect me to fix this. Apparently, the fact that I work as a web developer means that I can fix every little problem that happens to the computer.

    “It isn’t saving where I tell it to! This computer doesn’t work right!”

  16. BOOOOOBS!!! Boobs, boobs, boobs! Now I have to go back and read the rest.

  17. Maybe it’s the illuminati….

  18. Ha, Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Also, you made boob emoticons. Hee. I’m glad I’m not the only one having difficulty with an attitudinal WP. Every time I try to write a new post, I don’t get Webdings but every word just comes out as DUH no matter what keys I hit. It’s really very frustrating so I feel your pain. And pass those Pixy Stix.

  19. Has someone been doing pixie stix again?

  20. Becca, a fairly serious issue with Java has been noted by Firefox, and MS. I’ll see if I can get the links for you. If you can, disable Java, immediately.

  21. I haven’t had a problem except with coming up with something to write about. Nothing with formatting though. Nothing like you’re talking about. That’s bizarre, Becca.

  22. Could it be that one of the chain blogging awards you accepted was really a virus?

  23. I’ve actually been having alot of trouble with wordpress pages not wanting to load. I know that it couldn’t be my 24 yr old pc that I use because I’m to lazy to walk over to my mac.

    Hey you should get a bumper sticker, now, that says, “Bear Hunter”.

    I mean, you’ve earned it.

    Yesterday, I saw a massive chevy truck, all jacked up with mudders, and on the center of the back glass it had a rather large sticker that said, “Squirrel Hunter”.
    I found that perplexing. I mean, why make a big deal about that. That would be almost like having a bumper sticker that said something like, “Mayonnaise Lover”. Or something like that.
    But “Bear Hunter”, somehow would be different.

    • HA! I think I’d rather have the bumper sticker “Mayonnaise Lover” just to confuse people and possibly creep them out. You are probably right though, I should stick with “Bear Hunter”. It will make me seem even more intimidating than I already am.

  24. Sounds like not-too-subtle messages from the internet Gods, Becca. Weird…

  25. Ouch!
    Just tested mine (through Interet Explorer) and it seemed to work.
    Try disabling any add-ons in your browser and see if that fixes it. A browser crash is usually related to your machine, and not the outside world.

  26. fearlessleaderofthedumbasshorde

    I use WordPress as a “backup” to my main site on Blogger. This morning WP worked just fine, but I had some formatting issues with Blogger. My question is this: Did you break Blogger because you got pissed at WP?

    A Blogging Dumbass Who Hunts Moose Not Bears (or squirrels)

    • If you hunted squirrels I was going to be really upset.

      I do not use Blogger at all. It’s all WordPress. It’s almost like my blog is coming to life and fighting me for control…

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