Blogger Meet Up 2013

I am sure y’all remember that huge (imaginary) New Year’s meet up most of us partook in, even if you “don’t remember”. Although it was almost two months ago, I think it is safe to say its memory is still more enchanting than anyone could have fathomed.

weird party

No one remembers this?!

Now, imagine if that had been real life. The sensation you just felt was the process of your mind exploding.  But bare with me here.

Lately, I have noticed that a lot of mystical and cosmic encounters have been occurring among WordPress bloggers. While we were all getting classy-trashy at our party, Tracy spent New Year’s Eve with none other than Le Clown and his troops IRL. Vyvacious got to meet Sweet Mother and the fearless Jillian Levi last month. The same Jillian Levi who got to meet up with Calahan after that. I am still not over that one. Hell, even La La announced at one point that she received some free travel miles and took to Facebook to get suggestions on a destination.

What does this all mean, and why do I feel so left out? Besides the fact that I am totally left out. (I wear my tweets on my sleeve)

I began stewing. After that, I began high jacking Facebook comment threads with jealous rants. Then, I decided to stop pouting and do something about it.

I e-mailed Jen demanding that we organize a blogger meet up for 2013. I’m imagining something out of You’ve Got Mail, only you don’t have to make out with anyone at the end if you don’t want. You also won’t go out of business (if you have one). You will, however, have to know how to spell fox. That’s the secret password to get into the meet up.

Jen then pooped her pants in agreement. Thank god I had some baby wipes handy. We obviously make a great team, so we decided to join forces to make this blorgy happen. We would like to work on getting a census of where everyone is located, come up with a centralized venue that would be ideal for most of the bloggers interested, and of course pick some date(s).

BUT FIRST, we need to find out if this is something in which bloggers out there would actually participate. Are you pooing your pants in excitement like Jen, or would you rather remain loving your blog friends from afar? Much like that really rank smelling, yet extremely sweet and helpful cousin of yours. Maybe you don’t give a shit either way, but please humor us.

If you wouldn’t mind, please take a second and let us know by answering the poll questions below in a comment. Actually, you better do it or else I am going to high jack the comment section of your blog and continuously post Harlem Shake video links until the spam filter catches me. Or something.

To meet or not to meet? That is the question.

1. Would you be interested in attending a blogger meetup?

2. What is the closest metropolitan area to you?

3. If you are down, what other place(s) would you like to have a meetup?

becca cord signature

About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. How fun is this idea?! However, last time I had someone visit me from the blog world, I had them “virtually” sleep the entire time. That’s about how awesome I am in real life.
    If you wind up in Boston then I’m in because it seems I’m tripping there a lot in the near future.

  2. Blogger meet up sounds like fun… I live near Los Angeles with San Diego just a bit further away but still kind of close. All I’d really need is some sort of terminal with Skype running…

  3. I would love a meet-up, however everyone would have to come to England because I am highly unlikely to be able to get to the USA any time soon (unless my family won the lottery and the Order decided to let me have the time away to make it worth while).

  4. I have neither the time nor the funds necessary to attend such a gathering, but I imagine it would be legendary.
    How could it not be? I mean can you imagine the cosmic forces that would be forced to align when a gathering of modern-day demi-gods and goddesses occurs?
    You could split the univere asunder, folks….

  5. Hey… heard you were having a party tonight. It’s funny because I’m not doing anything. I was thinking about making, like, a ton of guacamole because I have, like, all these leftover avocados…. So, but, if you need any help setting up or anything…

    New York.

  6. Great idea. I am close to Birmingham, AL. Am flexible on where to meet. Again, great idea!

  7. Bit far but I hope it goes well

  8. I think a meet would be great-

    Yeah, I should introduce myself, I guess; I got referred here through Jen’s post this morning. We’ve done a few things in concert online, so going on tour is obviously the next step…

    As I was saying, I’m in for a meet. New York area would be the best option; other locations within the Eastern megopolitan band would be considered as well

  9. If it does go ahead I may have to add a ‘donate now’ tab to my blog so I can get some funds for international travel. Either that or I start hoarding lotto tickets, or maybe sell a kidney?

  10. I’m in, but you know that. I sent you an email. You read it. I just wanted to join in on the comment fun. I’m will to travel further than what I stated. I have reasons to be around the Seattle area and the Connecticut area also. NYC would be cool. (I have family in all of those places.)

  11. Why am I getting all anxietied up just thinking about this? Fuck it. I’m near Detroit. Lets do tha damn thing!

  12. Becca, I don’t know any of your bloggers fellowers, but I still would love it! When would this amazing meeting of the minds be?

    • We haven’t gotten quite that far yet Cheryll, but I would be pumped if you came! Keep checking in. We are going to narrow down all of the options. Maybe late summer early fall?

  13. Me cry me can’t come me cry so much.

  14. Would I be interested? Hell Yes! but my answer to question two will probably count me out. Closest big city to me is Sydney Australia. Other places that are close that would be cool would be New Zealand, Singapore, somewhere near Australia. Not going to happen, but oh well. You could all come to Sydney and we could do a bridge climb? No?

  15. Sounds really intriguing. I’ll keep posted on this post over here.

  16. The idea is intriguing, but travel is a challenge for me. Given that I am in the frozen tundra of Canadaland (who am I kidding — I live in the warmest climate in all of Canada) my nearest metropolitan area would be Vancouver, BC or Seattle.

  17. Becca,
    I’ve read somewhere that Coney Island could be an option­. If Le Clown would ever show up, that would be a venue he would rather enjoy, obviously…
    Le Clown

  18. Er, how about Europe? I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland.
    However, I don’t know if I could actually go to the meet up in person… I look and sound funny in real life, Becca, and my disguises never stay on. But it sounds like a good idea – take loads of videos!

  19. Hmm…and here I am, in the pen and paper process of redesigning my blog, and shall I dare say it….add a real picture of me! Maybe I’ll wait to hear about the details of this meet up before I post a pic and see if I’m able to come. Canada to America(yes, I call it America, it’s more fun that way), is not really that far….hmmmm…..decisions, decisions.

  20. 1. Would you be interested in attending a blogger meetup? ABSOLUTELY

    2. What is the closest metropolitan area to you? New York City, babyyyy. Land of the almost homeless, struggling, 20-somethings.

    3. If you are down, what other place(s) would you like to have a meetup? Australia 😉 Or Boston.


  21. Becca,
    You know I’ll be there, wouldn’t miss it!
    Doesn’t matter where it is, count me in! What a great idea!

    • Red! That makes me super excited. I love how many of us are ready to fly by the seat of our … long johns? Did I really just quote my tagline? Fuck it. I’m owning it.

      Once we get the logistics squared away all that is left is the fun! I’m stoked! Glad you are in.

  22. Hmmm

    I’d be down, but the problem is that I am the same in person as I am on the blog, and if there is alcohol the distinction between right and wrong gets blurred….

    seriously I am in NYC, the big mutha fuckin apple. I’ve been meaning to take a road trip so lemme know when and where and Ill see if I can make some magic happen

    • D, I will keep you in check… if I am not in jail according to Calahan. I’d LOVE for you to come. Seems like somewhere in the north east is ideal for a lot of bloggers, but I will be sure to let you know once we handle up on all of the logistics. 🙂

  23. i’m pretty close to philly, but i’m not proud of that. i’m closer to atlantic city. not proud of that either, except for the restaurants and the jets during the air show in late june/early july. where to meet isn’t as important as when. i’ll be in florida at the end of july, so that would not be a good time for me. other than that – i’m in.

  24. This is a cool idea. As I told Jen, I’m on the west coast. Sacramento/San Francisco nearest metro areas. I’d be willing to travel though. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans or Portland. I know you don’t live in New Orleans…anyway, keep me posted? When do you think this would happen?

    • Well once we get a location that seems to be a winner, we can start inquiring about everyone’s schedules and figure that out as well. I am free to go whenever wherever, but I know not every one is.

      I live two hours from New Orleans. It’s a travel destination that you should definitely have on your bucket list Amy! I would love to have it there, but that is awfully far for most.

  25. Let’s do this. I need a good road trip. Get me the fuck out of here please!

  26. Aw man. Now I feel so left out. I live on a whole different continent so I guess closest metropolitan is out of the question

  27. I’m open to locations. Be warned, though, I am far less interesting in person than online. Ask Jillian. When we met up, she fell asleep three times while I was talking and that was just over breakfast.

  28. Did I totally screw posting up? Your link didn’t work, and then I realized it said the 21st in the your URL. Did I pull the trigger too soon?! Feel free to slap me around a bit.

    I will get to see everyone’s faces all at once when we pull this off. The introvert inside of me may get overly stimulated and pass out, but that could also be from the excessive booze and sugar consumption.

    Some important questions:

    What should I wear?

    How should I do my hair?

    If it’s someplace warm should I tan my legs first, or make you guys look at my chalky goodness?

    • Chalky goodness, because I will be right there with you and bloggers feel more comfortable in their natural form. Wear a shirt that says “I’m here for the sex.” It will be funny. To me. And wear your hair anyway you want, we will all be too busy admiring your eyebrows anyway.

      You didn’t pull the trigger too soon. I probably just messed up in sending you the link before I changed the schedule date on my post. No sweat. I think you got it fixed on your post now. MY BAD G.

  29. I would LOVE to meet some of my blogging pals. That idea is so tantalizing I can’t even wrap my brain around it. I don’t know how easily I’d be able to get anywhere, but still, the posts that would result from such a convention would be great. I am within a day’s drive to both Atlanta or NYC.

  30. I love the idea. Sort of like a writers convention except with people you’re actually interested in meeting. Or like Comic-con, but without waking up next to someone dressed as Sheena — Warrior Princess who you THOUGHT was a woman. Definitely on my list of considerations from here on the central Oregon coast…

  31. Yes.
    Anywhere a tank of gas and expired passports can take us.

  32. I’d meet the fuck up and I’d go anywhere.

  33. Dammit.

    I suggest London!!!

  34. I agree with The Cutter—it’s an unnerving thought in some ways, to reveal the person behind the blog. Count me as a TENTATIVE in unless I chicken out. I’m in NYC.

  35. 1. I think it would be interesting, although slightly imposing. Do I want to meet people that I only know via their online profiles in person? What would I think of them? What would they think of me. (I’m shorter than you’d think)

    2. Washington, DC. It’s the nation’s capitol and all.

    3. Someplace warm and fun.

    • It IS imposing, which to me makes it even more exciting. I understand that is not something some all people will enjoy. But here’s hoping!

      So, the capital. Nice. I dig it.

  36. I would meet up with fellow bloggers. I live in San Antonio, so the biggest big city is Houston.

  37. I would love to participate in such a meetup.
    Im close to St. Louis. Traveling may be fun too, though. I’m feeling pretty open about all of this. 🙂

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