Phone Book Disposal

Last week I wrote about the aggravating dance I have been doing with a certain loitering phone book. Seeing that it wasn’t backing off, I decided to go forward with taking matters into my own hands. Looking back, I am not exactly proud of the ways in which I tortured the poor publication. However, in the end I think I did the right thing…

In case you didn’t notice, I have added a page to the top menu of 25toFly entitled BeccaTube. This is where I am going to house all of my vlogs for your viewing pleasure. Go check it out!

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. And for the record…this was like two days ago I watched it. Because it’s 10 AM and I’m definitely not drunk right now…I at least wait until noon!

  2. This made me laugh so hard. And it isn’t because I was drunk when I watched it. No, really. You’re awesome.

  3. Your best work ever!
    And you didn’t utter a word.
    You make Jennifer Lawrence look like Lindsay Lohan, Becca!

  4. Deliberately Delicious

    Oh…death by Justin Bieber. You are wicked, Becca!

  5. Did you know there is a number in front of the phone book that you can call and they will come pick up your phone book if you don’t want it? Also, you have really big hands. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I don’t want to give you a complex or anything, but, you know they’re huge! HF

  6. this could have gone on another ten minutes and not have gotten old. without getting- wouldn’t have- “ka-blammm!”

  7. If you had played Nickelback or Creed to the phone book, it would have turned into ash.

  8. Mad skills, girl. Mad skills! Love that intro scene!

  9. You said about your webcam, “I’ve been experimenting my ass off.” That’s a real shame.

  10. I’m so torn because I love this video but, on principal, I’m so mad that you lost your battle with… making it disappear magically? Making it someone else’s problem? Ok, now that I think about it, I guess torture was the best option.

    • Thanks Jill. As others have mentioned, I am sure to be haunted by the phone book. In approximately 6-12 months. I’ll be ready with a new approach and my camera when that time comes!

  11. You have two cats! And they have little steps to walk up to go the toiley!
    How did you video outside with you in the video?
    How did you make music come out of that box?
    And one other thing – I just realised the problem! The yellow pages don’t care if you chuck it – they have tehir money! The idiots are the companies who still pay for a spot in the yellow pages thinking people still look at it!!!
    Genius me.
    And that was a big knife!!!

  12. Just so you know, my people called Selina Gomez’s people and, after some consideration, they issued the following statement about what you did to Justin Bieber: “F#@K YEAH!”

  13. Great new equipment, and your video skills are awesome. This needs to be sent to the Academy Awards people in the category of a short film. Now let’s hear the IPhone’s side of the story. 😉

  14. I was expecting it to burst into flames with Justin Bieber. Hey, why didn’t that work?

  15. This is kind of amazing. More than kind of. I think you were relatively kind in your torture. I would’ve been all, “I want to play a game…” And give it a saw and chain its pages to the wall or something really sadistic.

    • Your comment made me giddy! I admit, there could have been much more dire consequences for the damn thing. However, I didn’t want to have to put a “not safe for work” disclaimer on the video. I wanted everyone to enjoy the demise of that thing.

      10 cool points for the Saw reference!

      • That’s ten more cool points than I’ve ever had ever! It’s shaping up to be a good day.

        In other news, I went in the kitchen to check on my own phone books (they’re in cabinet solitary confinement) and they’ve disappeared. Beware the power of the video.

  16. LOL, cute!! I can’t wrap my head around why they’re STILL being delivered to this day….I guess, it’s one of those things that won’t disappear….

  17. Well done, conquering the phone book. The Justin Beiber was a bit mean, but on the plus side I learned what a Justin Beiber song sounds like. I recently threw out my phone book, only to have the power go out the other day and I desperately needed said phone book. FU, universe.

  18. Hahaaa! Love the Rick Astley approach! 😀

  19. It took an awfully long time to find the trash can. That’s normally the first place I go with my garbage.

  20. Hehehe. You’re so cute.
    Fun read.

  21. Did the cats actually do their business on the pages, or did they push it away to get at the more pleasing kitty litter?

    And I’m confused…why didn’t burning it work?

    • No, as you can see in the shot immediately before the kitty litter attempt, they want nothing to do with the phone book either. I was just hoping that they would detest the yellow pages as much as they apparently detest the bath mat in my bathroom that they keep shitting on and actually go in the box for once.

      Burning would have worked just fine, but I decided the risk of burning down my entire apartment complex just wasn’t quite worth it. Almost, but ultimately no.

  22. Ha! Awesome. I kind of geeked out over your opening shot. This new webcam is niiiice.

    Every time I hear that “Friday” song I think, “Is this a real song? This is a real song?”

    • I was geeked the whole time making this. I’ve been experimenting my ass off. Thanks for noticing!

      That Friday song makes me feel physical pain Jules. I’m with you.

  23. What? The JB torture didn’t work?!

  24. You know that Phone Book,,,will come back to haunt you gurl,,,,it will,,probably in about 12months!

  25. LOVE!!!!

    But come on, Rick Astley is not the same level of torture as JB!!!!!

  26. You could always recycle it. Wink, wink.

  27. Becca,
    It is of Le Clown’s opinion that this was also an ode to Le Clown… Justin Bieber AND smoking in the same vlog? This had Le Clown’s name all over it. And for the record, smoking is too good for the phonebook, unless smoking involves Christina Hendricks’ phone number.
    Le Clown

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