Sleepless in Louisiana

I will be out of the blog arena this week for reasons which I can not disclose. Yet. So in my absence, welcome back the one, the only, Mr. Hook….


Secrets, secrets are no fun — no, actually they are.


1)  Shower Beer wasn’t her first invention. She tried Kitchen Beer – she abandoned the idea when informed the beer was supposed to go in the food. Ballet Beer failed as well. For different reasons, of course.

2)  Her cats have written a tell-all book. Call The Police: Our Lives With a Twisted Cord was the subject of a fierce bidding war until the cats remembered the non-disclosure agreement Becca made them sign….

3)  Her favorite accessory could land her a shot at fame and fortune.  Long johns were first introduced to the world in merry ole England in the 17th century, and in all that time, no one has ever really made them “sexy”. What better spokesperson for men’s long underwear than a hot, sassy, intelligent female? Watch for her Shark Tank appearance soon. Personally, I’d buy a pair of long johns with “25ToFly” embroidered on them.

4)  She finds fulfillment in helping others. Becca reads to seniors. Unfortunately for her, they keep changing seats on the bus…

5)  Movies stars follow her around. Scarlett Johansson shadowed Becca for a week to nail the part of Black Widow. Scarlett couldn’t keep up and quit after Becca beat up six cops in a bar… (You didn’t hear that from me.)

6)  She has inventor’s fever. Three words: Kitty Long Johns.

7)  She once tried to form a local chapter of “Hookers Anonymous: The Official Hook Fan Club”. Wait… that was me. My mom didn’t even show up.

8)  She’s ambitious to a fault. Take her plan to bring bloggers together in person: An attempt to party hearty… or an attempt to eliminate the competition? You decide. 

9)  Television beckons. Becca and Miss Four Eyes have shot a pilot that features them traveling across America à la, Paris and Nicole Richie. They call it Two Broke Blogging Girls. It has a real shot, I think: there are literally hundreds of out-of-work Saturday Night Live alums that could support them. I’d watch it.

10)  She Doesn’t Get Mad. 
She gets… well, you know. I’m sure I’ll be paying for this one someday soon.

Pray for The Hook, all right?

NOTE: Jen and I are working on hashing out the details of the Blogger Summit 2013, so hold on to your panties! An update will be coming soon. Or eventually. Or whatever. 

Much love,

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I enjoy your blog and it never fails to entertain me. You can see the nomination at

  2. I LOVE Shark Tank! I especially love when people come up with crappy ideas and think they’ll get a billion dollars invested.

    Three words: Crotchless long johns.

  3. Good job Hook. I chortled at #7 and Becca really really really likes long johns… That’s good to know.


  4. Becca in braids. So $^%@#$%%@#$ing cute.

  5. Ugh, movie stars shadowing you. Doesn’t that get sooooo tiring? I get it, you want to emulate the staggering excitement, glamor, and heroism of my life. Can you just not cramp my style?

  6. I thought they stopped giving you spring break when you left school? I guess some people are luckier than others.

  7. I would totally buy kitty long johns.
    My cat would hate me even more than she already does.

  8. Hook, I’m digging #9…Two Broke Blogging Girls. This has promise!

  9. away from bloggin? i thought you plea bargained for house arrest specifically so you can do community service by blogging about how wrong you were for those crimes that shall not be named? i guess they decided to lock you up instead. oh well. the girls on C block will love you.

  10. What’s not to love? Those braids are the cutest.
    Have a good week off. Shower beer!

  11. Have fun Sweetie 😉

    ps. That long johns business idea is mint. How *do* you buy them now by the way, Becca? Surely not in a real store?

  12. I’ll keep you in my prayers – but, you reap what you sew, as they say. Hmm, since I was laughing through this whole post I guess I better be watching my back too.

  13. Haha! I loved this, Hook! Rudeness of the seniors though. I mean, they should be glad that SOMEONE is willing to read for them or ramble about inventions or showing a variety of Long Johns…hehe.

    Lovely Becca, have a good week!

  14. I hope your week off is productive, Becca.
    Thanks again for letting me hijack your blog to pay tribute to your glorious beauty, humble, giving nature, and general awesomeness.

  15. I would be proud to be part of Hookers Anonymous. I’ll even wear the t-shirt 😀
    As for Two Broke Blogging Girls, we should work on our theme song!

  16. Number 4 made me howl.

  17. You have been added to my prayer list. Right after Taylor Swift.

  18. I totally support Kitty Long Johns. Although I don’t know how trilled my cat would be having me force him in such an awesome invention. Hmmm…

  19. Love the picture of Becca with pigtails! Although it does slightly remind me of Britney Spears in “Baby one more time”… In a good way, I promise!

    • I actually took this after going to the grocery store last night. The girl at the counter told me I look like Donna from That 70’s Show. I guess I could see it. Minus like 6″. That chick looks tallllllll.

  20. Hahahaha! Hook, you are hilarious.

  21. AH HA! The meet up is a diabolical plot? Or will she be dying all our hair red?

  22. I, for one, would totally watch Two Broke Blogging Girls.

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