Heavy Lifting

How many rips of duct tape does it take Becca to start breaking shit? Not many. Two to be exact. I am finally back in action (or getting there) after my unenthused absence from all things virtual (okay, maybe not Twitter) which was forced by the joys of moving. But, be assured that I was thinking of my followers the whole time. See proof below.

Ten Important Things I Learned Other Than How NOT to Rip Duct Tape:

1. From this day forth, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of more than one flight of stairs.

2. Love Bugs are vile creatures that apparently find my hair to be the prime coitus environment.

3. If your new roommates aren’t responding to your calls from inside a bedroom, don’t open the door. Don’t you do it.

4. Jack and Ace have the power to reduce 250 pound, burly mover men to cowering in fear. Much like a vision of me in the presence of frogs.

5. Car ride = Kitty laxative

6. I do not need this many lamps.

7. My (ex) neighbors seem perplexed by the creative process of shooting vlog footage.

8. My car likes to spontaneously lock itself. I think I even heard it say TROLOLOLOL.

9. I can still execute a glorious cartwheel.

10. No time for internet makes me sad.

One last note: While I am still going to be writing posts, I seem to be festering more ideas for videos lately, and I am having too much fun with it to stop. At least I am not doing meth. But while I have a lot of ideas of my own, I’d also like to know if y’all have any requests. It can be almost anything. I said almost, creeps. Oh how I have missed y’all.

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. No time for internet makes everyone sad.

  2. Rohan 7 Things

    First of all excellent cartwheel, secondly the cat poo 😦

    Thirdly congrats on your move. It’s a massive hassle but I hope it’s been all for the best!!


  3. Wait, did #5 really happen? Man…

  4. That’s the worst part of moving, having to move your pet. I hated moving my cat, she cried for the entirety of the 20 minute car journey, and that nearly made me cry (not good when travelling on a motorway at 70-something miles per hour).

    Love the cartwheel. I wish I could cartwheel. I second the cartwheel outtakes video motion.

  5. That WAS a glorious cartwheel.


  6. Becca, oh how I hate duct tape and taping it onto boxes! Your move looks organized. Poor kitty in the car. I hope it wasn’t a long ride. They have such difficulty with change, don’t they? Hey, do you mind if I email you? I have some questions for you. I need your vlog expertise.

    • I think their whiskers get confused. My move was pretty smooth compared to others, but it was still a hassle nonetheless. I am just glad it is over… for now.

      And absolutely! E-mail me any time, I’d love to help if I can Amy :).

  7. Love bugs….I can’t even put into words how much I hate these awful, purposeless creatures. Are you moving somewhere that has no love bugs?! If so, I just got wildly jealous of you.

  8. That was a really glorious cartwheel. Admit it, you totally practiced that before hand.

  9. Oddly enough, a car ride is like a laxative for me too!

  10. Your shout-out is up and running!

  11. My big dog has had a laxative moment in the car and I’m telling you it’s not pretty…

    I’m glad most of the moving is over for you because it’s so bloody stressful – best of luck 😉

  12. I think your ex neighbors are perplexed by many things. Fucking stupid dogs…

    I Love the video – with a capital “L” You little rock star you! \mm/

  13. Our car acts as a laxative for our cat, as well as induces vomiting. And always, always!, at the same geographic point in the ride and always on the trip to somewhere, never back from.

    You should do interviews with other bloggers for your vlogs. But, only in the form of puppets.

    • Twist ending on that comment! That is hilarious! Would you like to be my first interview?

      My cat likes to utilize both ends, if you know what I mean. It’s horrendous.

      • Whenever we travel with ours, we strategically lay down paper towels (after a bit of a learning curve, unfortunately)

        I’d love to be a puppet on a vlog. I’m pretty sure a puppet me would be far more interesting than the real thing.

  14. You’ve got a bright, insect-free future ahead of you, Becca. Your skills have grown immensely, grasshopper. Seriously, I can see you carving out a future in the entertainment biz, or anywhere you want for that matter. If i liked and respected you anymore, I’d wind up divorced.
    I intend to reblog this when I can. Its just that good.

  15. I bet duct tape is a breeze when you’re on meth.

    Congrats on getting all packed up – onward and upward! Maybe moving IN will suck so hard it’ll give you oodles of post ideas. Wait. That came out wrong.

  16. I feel your pain as I just moved too. My cats though at least made it through with out crapping. Me though, well we just won’t go there.

    • Haha! Thanks for the laugh Jackie. I didn’t crap, but I am covered in bruises from carrying things I shouldn’t have been carrying. Like stuff that weighs over 25 pounds.

  17. to clarify item 3 – you mean if they are in their bedroom and you’re calling them, right?

  18. you said “fuck” kinda.

    i don’t think i ever saw an apartment door with one of those heavy duty door closer arm elbow kinda things. i expect to see something like that in some kind of workplace place of places. like with heavy equipment and things of heavy. ness.

    • You caught that? Rich, that door almost fucking killed me.

      • i could easily see that door pushing closed while you’re carrying something, and it clips your ankle and trips you. then you hit the floor, and a fragile glass sculpture breaks, one particular shard lodging itself in the corner of your left eye. this causes you to curl in pain, not realizing how close you are to the steps, and you roll and tumble down a dozen cement steps, your skull crunching with each bounce, and your right ulna snapping as it gets caught beneath you. the pain causes you to pass out, rolling like a rag doll into the parking lot where a delivery van is backing into a parking space, not realizing you had just rolled behind the rear passenger-side tire, which then crushes your femor, thus splitting your femoral artery and creating a lovely crimson puddle on the faded asphalt.

        jus’ sayin’

  19. Becca,
    Like sands through the hourglass… so are the days of our lives.
    Le Clown

  20. I thought it was just ME who got nervous on car rides. Yay!

  21. This is why I don’t take my cat Rory for car rides. I fear his digestive consitution is easily compromised.

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