Phone Calls Are Hard

I have a confession to make. I can’t phone.

It seems that the moment that I am forced to use a mobile device for it’s intended purpose instead of for texting, Candy Crush, or taking distorted selfies, I lose all mental capacity. I also stop knowing how the English language works. I develop a mean stutter and weird verbal tics. It’s a sad realization, but somehow I know I can’t be alone.

Just kidding about the Candy Crush. The only candy I am crushing is a fat Snickers bar with my grill. Enjoy!

Later this week I am announcing a sweet give away, and you wont even have to make a single phone call.

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Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  2. Becca,
    Yes, I hate the phone too. Quite happy to text, but making a phone call or answering a phone call? Ugh, no thank you. And I’ve always, but always, hated the phone. I’m OK once the conversation gets going, but I really don’t like it and would much rather either write to a person or see them face-to-face.
    I suspect it’s something to do with the whole disembodied thing of a telephone call. If you’re writing, you can think about what you’re saying so it’s said exactly right and it means what you want it to mean, and if you’re face to face with a person, you have the bonus of being able to see them and therefore pick up on body language indicators and facial expressions to help along the coversation.

  3. See, that’s what happens when you watch too much Steve Carell. C’mon, Meesis!

  4. Don’t feel bad, Becca: I don’t even own a cell phone!

  5. also, nearly every time i call customer service people, they say, “hold on, miss, and i’ll transfer you to…” MISS? i realize none of you have heard my voice before, but i’ll bring this up again in austin. i think you’ll be as freaked as i am.

  6. i prefer to let everything go to voicemail and then decide if i’m to important to call back. text rules. unless someone owes me money. or it’s my kid. or southern women. or…

  7. Rohan 7 Things

    Oh man, I hate phone calls. I don’t mind calling customer service stuff, but talking to friends and family is the worst. I reach this point where I just really don’t want to talk anymore and I try putting on the wind-up tone of voice, sighing, yawning and saying the word “anyway” a lot to try and end it!

    Funny vid Becca lol, as always, thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. There are only three people I talk to on the phone regularly, and even then it’s just a mixture of me singing to them, or making fart sounds with my mouth.

  9. I remember that apocolyptic moment when you called me once. It was the most awkward five minutes out of our entire five year friendship.

  10. I HATE talking on the phone despite being an obnoxiously social person. I will text, email, and chat all day long, but the second my phone rings I look at it in panic and usually send it straight to voice mail. For my friends who live close, I’ll just wander over to their places to avoid a phone call. That’s right, I will walk instead of dialing. It is ridiculous.

  11. I should call you and then we can just breathe deeply into the phone together.

  12. Guess I am just old school, because I am a phone talker. I think texts can cause things to be misconstrued too easily.

    • You are right, they are all of the time. But it’s a risk I am willing to take. My parents get mad if I text them something important, but to me it is the only way!

  13. I can relate. When I talk on the phone, I sound as if I would rather be doing anything else at all.

  14. I go to great lengths to avoid the phone. I just hate it. I’ll spend days in email exchanges to avoid a 5 minute call.

    • I have spent three times the amount of time on a conversation through e-mail when it would take five minutes on the phone. It’s no wonder my gmail is glitchy. All of my communication is in there. Period. And texts. So many texts. But this is why we write, eh?

  15. Love it! I’ve got terrible phone skills, too. I wasn’t so bad at work, but personal calls and leaving voicemails. Yeah, not so much.

  16. LOL. I hate the phone!! I always have to ignore calls and call people back because when they first call, it’s way too spontaneous for me to just answer it. I need time to think about how to talk to other humans. But, I never have that problem in person. lol Stupid phone.

    • TOO MUCH PRESSURE *decline*. I’ve hurt so many feelings and for the complete opposite reason than they will ever know. I don’t NOT want to talk to them, I like them so much I don’t want to screw it up. So I just don’t do it :(.

  17. It’s the worst, I feel you. I just checked my recent calls list and my dad called one week ago for 42 seconds. Must have been an emergency!

  18. The most amazing phone calls to be witnessed are when you get two people who with no phone skills on the phone together.

  19. I rarely watch entire videos but I laughed all the way through yours today! Hilarious Becca. You are a natural in front of the video camera, you know, point in case, Yolanda, Jamaica calling.
    Thanks for kicking off Monday with laughter. Call me. Just kidding! I hate talking on the phone too. I practice what I’m going to say before I call anyone.
    Have a great day.

    • Pam, that’s awesome to hear! I was having a down day and needed to make MYSELF laugh. What a bonus!

      P.S. I practice so long I miss the call in the first place!

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