I Never Liked Country Part II

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It kind of felt like learning to walk again when I left. I felt exhilarated by my new-found separation from such a shaping relationship and simultaneously a little lost. The good kind of lost. The kind of lost that makes you feel like you are teaching yourself something new. Sure, I had pangs of homesickness, because he was what I considered home for as long as I could remember. But missing familiarity eventually turned into embracing change.

I met new people. I dabbled in new relationships. At first, it felt right. Like making an A on a test makes you feel right. Which felt good. New relationships were accomplishments in moving on, but not much more than that. After all, GPAs don’t matter much in the scheme of life. Nonetheless, the new relationships were fun and easy. I could feign attachment without skipping a beat of my own agenda. I almost fooled myself into thinking I was anything but detached. I liked it that way.

I strategically and forcefully changed all of my radio stations; a subconscious attempt at moving on. It was working splendidly until DJ Heavy Metal decided to throw in a little Tim McGraw for shits and giggles. My new guy quickly reached out at the exact moment as me… only he was reaching out to turn the station, and I was reaching out to turn up the volume. “I never liked country,” he said.

As I looked around, it was as if everything suspended for a brief moment, and in that moment, nothing looked right. Something shattered in me, and I immediately thought of him.

After that, I began to shell up even more. I would steam up the bathroom to mimic the humidity we used to bask in. I would pour a little too much on the rocks. I started cooking those savory meals again, and found myself seeking solace in my headphones, blasting nothing but country. I tried to transfer all of the things I loved about him, into my new relationships.

I’ll never forget the moment we reunited. The radio must have been on our side, because the perfect songs trickled in as we sat on the tailgate together in the damp air. I didn’t say anything, I just breathed him in. I never believed in the saying, “you never know what you have until its gone,” just as I never liked Country. But sometimes you just have to admit you were wrong. And that’s why I went back.

I missed you, Louisiana.

This two part post was inspired by A New Orleans Love Story by Joey Albanese about New Orleans.

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. I’ve never been to Louisiana but I’ve read so much about it I feel like I have.
    Sounds like a lovely place, humidity and all.
    You had me going though! Didn’t realize the nature of the relationship until the end.

  2. I guess I couldn’t ever feel this way. My hometown is a bland, generic suburb that I never connected with. I consider home any place in the world that makes me feel good, wherever it might be.

    • There should be an edit button. Anyway, I wanted to add that budgetary constraints have forced me to get back to my hometown 3 years ago after 12 years spent some 900 kms away and I definitely don’t feel at home here. What I feel is lost in translation between where I’ve been and where I’ll go next when I’m finally able to escape this place again.

    • I get that. In fact, my actual hometown is about three hours from where I live, and I can’t stand it. I never missed it once when I left to move here when I was 17. But maybe that is why I have such a strong connection with the Louisiana city I live in now. It was where I became me, you know?

      Thanks for reading.

  3. How awkward would that have been if you’d caught Louisiana on a date with someone else? “I came back for you! To you!”
    “Listen, babe. Louisiana’s gonna do what Louisiana’s gonna do. You can’t tie this state down.”

  4. You achieved your aim of going away, and I think it’s more than cool that you’ve decided that it’s actually where you’re meant to be.

    Good luck with BI next weekend btw!

    • Thanks. It was something that I had to do. I don’t regret the move at all, but it certainly taught me a lesson in appreciation.

      Thanks also for the well wishes for BI! I can’t wait to share pictures and stories from the weekend after it is over!

      • I just wish I could be there with you at the weekend!

        • Me too! But maybe next year? You never know!

          • Only if you hold it in Whitby, Yorkshire, England, I fear! However, I do know a great venue – the Sneaton Castle Centre has cracking facilities as well as a wonderful view of Whitby and of course a licenced bar, and the Sisters in the neighbouring St Hilda’s Priory with which the Centre shares the grounds are a friendly welcoming bunch – and I should know as I’m one of them! 😉

          • That sounds so amazing! I would LOVE to visit England, and with you as a guide it would be even better! We plan to encourage worldwide meet ups, a branch of Blogger Interactive, in the year to come. We want everyone to be able to join in on these types of meet ups!

          • Glad to be able to give you an idea! There’s only one tiny insignificant little flaw to using Whitby as a location. Well, maybe two. The first is that the public transport to the area is not as good as it could be. The second is the weather. It’s on the north-east coast of England and the only thing between it and the North Pole is sea, so it can be rather cold.

            But on a positive side, it is where Bram Stoker wrote (and was inspired to write) Dracula…

  5. Beautifully expressed, Becca. I feel the same about my state of Oregon. We were separated for 10 years before reuniting almost 20 years ago. Never again will I leave her. Glad you have been reunited as well.

    • I wasn’t gone long Ned, which only further proves to me that Louisiana and I? Well, we must just be meant to be :).

      Thanks for chiming in. By the way, are you still sending that cardboard cut out of yourself to Blogger Interactive? I was counting on it as a decorative piece.

  6. “My new guy quickly reached out at the exact moment as me… only he was reaching out to turn the station, and I was reaching out to turn up the volume. “I never liked country,” he said.”

    Thank you for finally answering a certain question that has been rolling around in my head for some time. Namely, your relationship with a certain fellow blogger who shall remain nameless… and who I’m assuming is no longer “Mr. Crazy Cat Lady”.

    Getting back on track, this was a wonderful love letter to your hometown, Becca. You’re one clever, cool, gifted chick.

    And by the way, welcome home where you obviously belong.

    • Hook, thank you for the compliment. However, this piece is totally metaphorical. It has nothing to do with anyone I actually dated in real life.

      It is good to be home. I will always love travel, and will continue to do so, but I think for now I have realized that at the end of the day I want to come home to… well… home!

  7. Really well written, and I was totally surprised by the ending! I left California 5 years ago, and even though I love Oregon and will probably call it home indefinitely, there are so many things I miss about California. When I go back, it is totally as you described.

  8. Love it! Are you back in LA then?

  9. eh, i have to be annoying. sorry. i think of louisianna as female. not male. so maybe this is your way of “coming out”?

  10. Beautifully written!
    (I didn’t see that lunchline coming.)

  11. awwww. land of a thousand crawfish.

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