What Happens at Blogger Interactive Doesn’t Stay at Blogger Interactive

In case you haven’t been able to tell, I’m all about meeting people from the internet. Naturally, I would be the one to organize an event based off of the very idea. I am just glad that Jen agreed to be the backbone of my crazy idea. Even through all of the planning, it never really hit me that it was actually going to happen until I filled up my tank, stocked up on smokes, and hopped on I-10 heading West. A direction I have never driven before. I even made a Vine on the road.

I arrived in Austin, TX alone after a long, but enjoyable 6 hour drive. I love to drive. It’s relaxing to me as long as I don’t get lost. I take one wrong exit and you would swear I just launched myself into outer space without an oxygen tank. I don’t think the La Quinta Inn was ready for me. As I stepped out of my SUV and started to unload my stuff onto a luggage cart, shoes, lanyards, and toiletries were falling everywhere. It was like my luggage sprung a leak.

blogger interactive austin

“Well, I’m here.” I thought.

I didn’t waste much time doodling in the hotel room, as I was ready to meet up with Jen so we could slap each other in the face as a reality check ritual. Little did I know, she had already explored Austin, met up with one of our speakers, Julian Gallo, and played with some bats. Cool. I’m late!

This would be a recurring theme. For some reason I felt totally under prepared the entire weekend.

Walking down Congress, I was looking around waiting for Jen to pop out of the woodwork, or one of the many hipster shops rather. Soon, I came to the restaurant we were to meet. I was right across the street from it. And there they were. Jen and Julian, and in deep conversation too by the looks of it.  I thought about jay running directly to them, but I figured it might be best for me to refrain from breaking laws before meeting the rest of the attendees. A few times I actually waved thinking I had made eye contact, only to embarrass myself when I realized I hadn’t.

blogger interactive

Left to right: Chiara Mazzucco, John Whitney, me, Jon Hagar

Too be honest, I was a little more nervous about walking down the wrong street and getting lost, than meeting everyone in person. I’m awkward as fuck on the phone, sure. I don’t enjoy giving speeches, no.  But I don’t get nervous to meet people one on one. I’m totally cool and put together. Unless they are nervous. Then it’s like catching poison ivy when you haven’t been outside yet. Confusing.

Regardless of nerves, when I saw the set up that 508 Tequila Bar created for us, I got a huge surge of proud feelings. I knew we had done it right. It only got better after that first night. I don’t think we could have planned this thing better, and I think everyone there meshed in an amazing way. Friendships blasted into hyper mode. It went a step beyond networking. I think they call it bonding.

Jen’s composure and eyebrows wowed me. It was mesmerizing to listen to Jullian talk about pretty much anything. I enjoyed giggling in the bathroom with Michelle as she nonchalantly wiped the counters after washing her hands. Chiara and I snuggled in our La Quinta bed after the speaker session, entertaining ourselves with nothing but some 711 candy and lottery scratchers. I fell in love with John and his wife Lisa who have to be the cutest couple in the history of the internet. So many moments go through my head when I think of the weekend.

blogger interactive 2013

Unfortunately, I did have one hang up about the event… me.

I recognized the fact that I had lost touch with much of the blogging community well before BI but way too late for my liking. When I was buzzing around during BI, I felt a bit intimidated. I hadn’t read anyone in so long. Since the beginning of the year when we started planning BI13, I have been so caught up in… well… planning. Blogger Interactive, Kickstarter projects, moving and moving some more, Bachelorette parties, Bloggers for Movember, and a million other things seemed to keep me from participating in the one thing that started it all. Blogging.

When I asked Lauren and Michael of Key + Arrow who they were, I felt like an idiot. Their blog was right there on our Facebook page. Dur. Yet, my mind felt blank. I didn’t get to have the depth of conversations I wanted to, because I wasn’t leading conversation like my normal self. I felt scattered. I felt intimidated. What?!

Luckily for me Vyvy of Vyvacious reminded me of something. Vyvy expressed the same concern to me over Brussels sprouts and calamari before the event even began, yet there at the Hangar Lounge on the second night she was sitting on Red’s wife’s lap, taking pictures, dancing, and chatting up a storm. She reminded me that having everyone memorized wasn’t what mattered. What mattered is that we were all there. We were there for each other. We were there to continue to get to know each other and learn from each other. And most of all, I think we all gained a new excitement and buzz for blogging, writing, and our virtual community while we were there. And I am more than okay with that.

Thank you Jen for ALL of your amazing hard work on this with me. Thank you Julian and Chiara for sharing your sexy brains with us. And finally, thank all of you who came out despite the distance, schedules and nerves. I love you all.

Look out for the official post event write-up on the BI page along with a slideshow of photos that have yet to be shared!

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About becca3416

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned humor writer and video editor. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is now perusing her travel dreams while starting her own free-lance Web Marketing business and organizing a nation wide blogging event, Blogger Interactive. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so. You can find Becca on her personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter @becca25tofly.

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  1. You totally need to organise a UK event. Xxx

  2. Ah, Becca – everyone said it was so wonderful!! Seriously, seriously wish I could’ve made it! Next year 🙂 And Vyvy is so wonderful – I’m so glad I had mutual friends who brought us together!

  3. Great to see it went ahead – I remember you talking about this months ago – maybe one day GFB can make it. Always good to meet others in this game!

  4. I am so jealous. I plan on being there next year!!!!!

  5. Big congrats Becca, you guys did an amazing job, all that organising is nothing to scoff at! I look forward to checking out all the pics 🙂


    • Rohan I appreciate that! It would have been lovely to have you there as well! Be on the look out for worldwide events that we will be discussing soon on the BI blog :). Oh, and of course tons of pictures!

  6. Becca!
    Glad you made it home in one piece! I can’t thank you enough for your work putting Blogger Interactive together and for all the wonderful things you’ve said. Meeting you and everyone else was seriously one of the best times I’ve ever had. It’s like seeing a great movie and thinking about it forever; I will always compare future fun times to last weekend. I really enjoyed chatting with you and Chiara Saturday night and laughing my ass off with you two. Judging from what people are saying, there’s going to be a huge turnout next year! You know Lisa and I will be there, let us know how we can help!

    • Thanks Red! I’ve never been so giddy! I am beyond excited to see where this will be at this time next year, and of course looking forward to seeing y’alls lovely faces again and laughing even harder (if that is possible)! Jen and I will be in touch once plans get into full swing. Right now we are wrapping up loose ends from BI13 and brainstorming on BI14!

  7. So, so happy all of that planning paid off!! And Vyvy is right – we all get pulled away with ‘real life’ stuff, but shouldn’t beat ourselves up for not keeping up on blogs.

    Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  8. “As I stepped out of my SUV and started to unload my stuff onto a luggage cart, shoes, lanyards, and toiletries were falling everywhere.”

    It suddenly occurred to me that the greatest thing in the known universe would have been if I had been there to greet you and take your luggage. Alas, it was not meant to be…

    Greta work, Jecca. (That’s your new couple name. “Ben” just doesn’t work.)
    You should be immensely proud of your hard work in bringing a group of strangers together so they could become true friends. They say you never know someone until you know what they want. Well, ladies, it appears all you want is to make people smile.
    And that’s pretty cool.

    • Actually Hook, there was a valet guy who offered to help me put my things onto the cart. I refused. I thought I had packed more efficiently, and I am too hard headed to go back and ask for help once I have refused it.

      I laugh at “Ben” and also agree and that Jecca is a better conjoined name for us. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. We have already started the plans for next year if you can believe it!

  9. i’m sorry i couldn’t do my part to improve those pictures by being in them. also, how can i take you seriously when you “centered” the whole post? left justify, please.

    for those who were hoping upon hope to finally meet me, i sent becca proof (because i felt like crappity crap about it) that i had yet another court date, thanks to my ex-wife. the original date was Oct. 11. it’s normal for the plaintiff to ask for an extension, which i did, without realizing the chance it would be on the 25th. and it was. then, on that day, guess who doesn’t show up in court? yes, the ex. she filed a late extension, and now i have to go back to court on nov. 22. the day kennedy was shot. yeah, that’s promising.

    if i’m not at next year’s event, there’s only one reason. i’ll be in jail. on the motion filed by my ex, she literally asked the judge to incarcerate me. not likely, but it could happen.

    oh crap. this isn’t supposed to be about me. sorry. forget i said anything. here’s something to cheer you up. consider it my apology.

    • Rich, I am going to center your face if you don’t stop talking smack about my format. That didn’t really sound like a threat in retrospect. Hmmm. I will take away your Svedka. There. That works better.

      On a serious note, it wasn’t just me that wishes you could have been there. I heard “I wish Rich could have come” quite a few times. Don’t you dare make a dirty joke! Alas, court is court and we also don’t want you in jail. So handle your business and we will see you at BI14. I’ll write a note to your judge if he tries anything funny….

  10. Becca,
    Rachelle, the Austin resident, did enjoy her time too.
    I did enjoy reading her recap on her blog of the event.
    I would have enjoyed listening to Monsieur Julian, aussi. Sweet times.
    Le Clown

    • Becca,
      I would have loved to have a bag made by the awesome BroJo… Great guy, glad he could help you with this!
      Le Clown

      • Well Eric, you may still have a chance, as he may be doing a contest to give away a few we had left over!

        I certainly enjoyed Rachelle’s account of her experience as well. Only she didn’t mention me, her and Chiara’s pow wow outside of the Hangar Lounge! I guess not everything that happens at BI doesn’t stay at BI. I commend everyone for busting out such awesome posts so soon after the event. As for me, I needed a day or two of recovery. It’s a long drive, and bed bug bites are not fun.

        • We covered a lot of ground in that pow pow! Daria, The Craft, a visit from the Duff Beer guy, sneaky door caller techniques, and a much needed shot of nicotine and people watching for me.
          In another life, I would have partied the nerves away and taken you all for a round of Flaming Dr. Peppers at Touché. Setting shots on fire in a bar is like Calamine lotion for the poison ivy.
          It was really a great weekend, and everyone was badass. If I didn’t say that with my words, just know, that’s what I was thinking the whole time.
          Bravo again to you and Jen for setting it up and putting it all together.

          • Oh! I forgot about the Duff guy! HA! And you are right about the flaming Dr. Peppers. Although, I’d probably set my hair on fire. A nicotine pow wow was definitely the safer choice ;).

  11. Sounds like a big success, Becca! Next year, I’ll be there.

  12. becca, michael and i both enjoyed meeting you, regardless of whether or not you knew who we were! bah! i felt as though i had disconnected from the blogging world too much as well before attending, as i had recently switched from a previous blog. however, we wanted to be there to, like you said, support one another, and we are so glad we did. we met some amazing people & writers, and both feel that we have a new urgency to reach our goals. thank you for putting together this event. we’ll be in touch, and we can’t wait for future events! xoxo

    • I’m so glad to hear it ma’am. I learned so much from the weekend. I am itching to start planning BI14 already! Among other things. I definitely agree with you that it was an inspiring weekend and I look forward to collaborating with everyone! So glad y’all were there.

  13. My eyebrows should have their own blog, everyone seems to love them. I can’t believe it’s all over, and we are going to have to start planning all over again. I’m both excited and terrified.

    I’d also like to give mad props to Julian and Chiara here in the comments section. Their panels were REALLY great, and I think they made a huge impact on the attendees. They definitely did on me.

    Perhaps we set the bar too high… 😉

    • Right?! They know their stuff, and I could tell that was something everyone will take away from the event as something of value. Damn, we know some smart ass people!

  14. Yay! I love reading all your posts 🙂 I really need to be there the next time!

  15. Looks like it was a blast. So wish I could have made it.

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