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5×5 With The Hook: Becca Cord!

My exclusive interview with Mr. Hook! Get over there!

You've Been Hooked!

No, your meds aren’t out of balance again, you read that correctly. The wild ‘n wonderfully talented blogger/vlogger extraordinaire, Becca Cord is my guest today.

She’s been one of my faves from the very beginning, back when she was the Prime Flyster. She’s the one (along with Lily Morgan), whom all the bellman say “Who’s that hot dish?”, when they see her face on our computer screen.

(Okay, to be clear, only one guy ever actually made the hot dish remark and we had to let him go after an incident we’ve been ordered to never discuss. And since the order came from guys in black suits accompanied by dudes in Hazmat gear, we’re sticking to it.)

At any rate, Becca is clever, a joy to read/watchand she has a heart of gold. Honestly, her entire body, every organ, is laced with gold…

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B.I. Mini-Meet-Up —DFW Style

Our third Mini Meet Up is well under way! Check out the details here.

Don BroJo

Hello World! It’s time for a Mini-Meet-Up! How exciting is this? Pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. Alright, here’s the deets.

When we’re meeting – Saturday, May 3rd 2014

Where we’re meetingOutlaw’s Bar*B*Que

What time we’re meeting – We have 30 spaces reserved in their Banquet Room from 2pm to 6pm

Who is gonna be there – All Bloggers! (and friends)

Outlaw’s Bar*B*Que is centrally located in Grand Prairie, Texas – About 16 miles from Downtown Dallas, and 23 miles from Downtown Fort Worth. While putting this together I couldn’t help but think what says Texas more than barbecue? Also,  there will be Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm. For those that might get a little too “loosey- goosey” I will be there to help you get home.

If you’re interested in attending our #BIDFW Mini-Meet-Up please click HereHereHereHereHereHereHereHere

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I’m Becoming a Stand Up Comedian

APRIL FOOLS! But here is a video about why I could never handle doing that.


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