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becca cord

I am a twenty-something year old Louisiana ballerina turned writer/blogger/marketer/vlogger/editor. While I graduated college with a degree in Business, my first job post graduation had little to do with Marketing and was not particularly challenging. And I was bored. Enter drunk head stands blogging.

Up until the moment I began this blog, I was a follower. I followed what I was told would make me “successful” as opposed to taking the time to figure out what my definition of success was.

So began 25toFly, in my attempt to enjoy a creative outlet, become a stronger writer, market myself, network, show off my long john collection, and most importantly, make people laugh. My goal was not to limit myself. No holding back. And that is what I did.

So what now? Now I plan to continue to grown my readership, my viewership, and continue to collaborate with incredibly talented people. Between being the co-organizer of the first ever Blogger Interactive meet up this year in Austin, TX to working with brilliant minds in marketing their creations to the perfect online audience, and rallying bloggers for Bloggers for Movember 2013, I think it is safe to say that I am officially in flight. So expect the in-flight entertainment to continue. Expect it to be the best it’s ever been. I’ll even throw in a free cocktail.

THANK you for reading. THANK you for your support. Y’all are just outstanding.

NOTE: The banner photo for 25toFly was an idea formulated based on milestones achieved in the first year of this blog’s birth in 2012. Lane Pelissier, a local friend and photography hobbyist took the shots after I presented him with the concept. Le Clown then helped me by formatting and enhancing the photo to make it the appropriate fit for my banner and blog. I thank both of these gentlemen from the bottom of my long johns.

Email: Cord.Rebecca@gmail.com
Twitter: @Becca25tofly

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