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I like video cameras. I also like using them to record myself pretending to do stuff. . It’s like acting but less pretentious. Please enjoy You can always find my vlogs directly on my YouTube channel. It’s where gingers are always welcome and whiskey flows better than Eminem. Like, Subscribe, Enjoy!

BeccaTube Trailer

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  1. You and your drawerings are too cute and this page is awesomeness.

  2. How in the Eff did I miss this…Genius. You are a social media guru. You make me look like a social media dummy hahaha!

  3. Whoa, these are awesome. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen one of your videos before. P.S. Your voice sounds so different than I imagined! I love you even more now 😉

    • People keep saying that about my voice! Ha! What did you expect, I am curious :). Thanks Rian I am glad you finally got to watch them and even more glad that you enjoyed them and fell more in love with me. Now I can feel my girl crush is reciprocated ;). Wins all around!

      • For some reason, I thought it would be deeper and throatier–must be the red hair? I also have a high-ish voice, so you’re in good company. Rock on with your cute voice!

  4. Adventures in Kevin's World

    Oh man, do I understand the problem with impulse purchases just before moving! My weakness is groceries. I just keep buying them right up until the move. Which is ridiculous of course. I’m 42 – shouldn’t I have learned better by now?

  5. Watch out Sasha Grey, I mean Lindsay Lohan, Becca is moving in!
    Great work, young lady. Now I have another guilty pleasure to help rot my brain faster…

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