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I can never get enough of Timmer. You know you can’t either. He is part of the spark that caught me on fire, so do me a favor and go give his post some love… and maybe a little for me too.

Phenomenal post by the one and only Rich of Brainsnorts on ACOF. Thank you for saying the things every girl needs to hear. You and Le Clown are my heroes. HEROES!

Everyone should feel this special on their birthday. Guap, you deserve a wonderful birthday full of great polls and maybe even some sexy poles.

This is My Festivus Post

The last time that I participated in any kind of gift exchanging game for Christmas was on a first date. Can you imagine that? You don’t have to. I will tell you how it goes. If you are me, that is.

awkward christmas

Holidays aren’t holidays until things get uncomfortable.

My date picked me up for dinner somewhere back in December of 2008. We were supposed to go to a simple dinner. Me and him. On the way to the restaurant, he receives a phone call, which he takes, and has a casual conversation from which I infer that plans are about to change.

Date: “That was my mom. My family is having a Christmas party down the road. Do you want to go? It will be fun”.

Sure, I love meeting entire families on first dates. 

Me: “Umm… I don’t know, I mean, I don’t want to intrude. They don’t know me.”

You barely know me.

Date: “Oh come on. They are super friendly. They will love you. There will be a lot of great food and presents.”

Me: “Presents?”

Date: “Yeah, they play Dirty Santa every year at this thing.”

As we continued down the highway, the dialogue went back and forth between him assuring me it wouldn’t be awkward and me trying to find a way to escape the moving car without looking obvious. Or killing myself. We ended up going, because I have an adverse reaction to telling people no, and guess what? It was awkward. Imagine that. Read the rest of this entry

Le Clown finally let me use his blog. I kind of feel like I am Sam Wheat in that one scene from Ghost and his blog is Oda Mae Brown. I can even almost hear Unchained Melody playing in the background. Yeah, I went there with the Ghost reference. Problem with that? I didn’t think so. Go read my masterpiece and finally see the reveal of my JACKSTACHE!

D is at it again. I love when my name and a post about venereal disease are mentioned together! My Australian accented smile does too.


My Home-Gurl  Becca commented on my post: Aside from Venereal Disease Love Really Does Conquer All with the following line:

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.

So I, being a staunch supporter of brinkmanship, have decided to push things   further into absurdity by posting this. Everyone  play along and check out Becca’s page.

Little Known Fact about Becca

Did you know she can light up the South with a smile? No exaggeration! It’s a great skill to have especially when many southern states are trying to secede from the USA because they  don’t like their democratically Elected President !!!


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Like my new friend David, I often find myself in awe at the sometimes overlooked, sheer power that blogging has to connect people. I believe in the majority of positive attitudes and mindsets that are seen scattered across this community. I believe in setting examples. For this reason, I rarely take time to consider the negative. There are events that occur in places where the same freedoms I have do not seem to exist to those simply wishing to do the same thing we all are: speak our minds. Please read this and say hi to David if you don’t already know him. He is one well rounded dude.

Here is the original article about Sattar:


Hi Everyone,

My name is David and I’m the guy who created this site as well as the character of MrMary MF Poppins. I am a very private person, and have never used my first name on this site, but something rather serious has happened that has given me pause for reflection.

Today while working on the site I realized that in a few days this blog will turn one years old. I really love writing here so much so that I have neglected my other blogs.  You the readers have given me the opportunity to be both serious silly and every other emotion in between those extremes. Nowhere else could I blur the lines between sybaritic diction and imagery, openly vocal  philosophical  reflection, satirical recapitulations of the events of the day, and  all around merry-making as evidenced in this picture below where I went full method for…

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Stop. Listen. It’s mustache time. Do it.

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