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Marty McFlyster

There were three things I really enjoyed about television growing up. One, for reasons I cannot comprehend, was marching along to Jane Fonda work out tapes in my ballet leotard in the middle of the living room (minus the hip thrusting exercises… I was shy). Another was playing my brother’s Nintendo, even though all I ever accomplished was getting stuck in walls. The third, more obvious thing I enjoyed about television, was a good ass movie. Not to be confused with an ass movie.

There was my obsession with Ghost and all things Patrick Swayze. There was my Ren & Stimpy phase,. Although not technically a movie, I did particularly enjoy some episode where Ren ate a bar of soap in outer space. No, I didn’t try to eat soap. Not more than once at least. Somewhere in there was Look Who’s Talking and sequels and a new obsession with all things John Travolta, but today I want to talk about one movie in particular. Back to The Future.


What a dreamboat

I think I was was more giddy for McFly than his hornball mother. Yikes. I don’t know if it is the soundtrack, the idea of flying sports cars and hover boards, or the fact that I also had a girl crush on Loraine that made me love this movie so much, but love it I did. Marty McFly was spunky, his dad was a mess but equally adorable, and his mother rocked that peach color prom dress harder than any dress has been rocked in history. Plus, I am a closet oldies fan. As soon as they paired the climax of the movie with the tune of Earth Angel, they weren’t just tugging at my heart strings, they were putting them in a high power wood chipper.

As some of you already know, I am involved with freelance work involving video editing on top of my personal YouTube shenanigans. No, I am not about to announce my ambitions to become a Hollywood film director. What I am about to announce, however, is a project for which I have been burning my flux capacitor at both ends. That’s a lot of plutonium, I assure you. Amy, of The Bumble Files put me in contact with an inventor and friend of hers at the beginning of this year. We’ll call him Doc for sake of theme. Doc had an invention, and he wanted my help to spread word of it via a Kickstarter campaign. What was the invention you ask?

A real life hoverboard.

At this stage, it is a miniature scale hover board toy that has potential to evolve with more research and development. I’d like to ask that you check out the campaign if you have a free moment.  Not only is the technology and science behind this thing as exciting as George McFly upper-cutting Biff’s sleazy grin, but I put a lot of work into the video editing and promotion of this thing. I’m like a proud mom. Just not one who tongue wrestles her offspring. Backing the project isn’t the only way to support the NeoLev either, you can share the links and Like/Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to help. Thanks Flysters!

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P.S. While we are on the topics of Kickstarter projects, please check out my friend David Harding and TJ Lubrano’s project Elevenses, a card game for 2-4 players in which respectable ladies strive to serve the most scrumptious morning teas possible. They haven’t launched yet, but you can follow them on Facebook to get in on the action!

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