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Twitter: @Becca25tofly
Facebook: Becca Cord

Please note: I check my email more than I blink, but Gmail likes to eat innocent emails like they are a can of spam from time to time. So, if I do not respond to you within a few days, please leave me a note here in the comments. Thank you!

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  1. Wow, this is so weird. I have a niece named Becca Cord. Lives in LA. She looks alot like you, too. But I have to say, you’re much prettier and waaaay more hilarious (thank goodness she’ll never see this comment, ha! ha!). Anyhoo. I really love your work! One burning question: will you ever reveal to the world your true hair color? We know it’s not red, but….gaaah! Don’t leave us hanging! Thanks in advance. [P.S.-if you ever decide to spiffy up your website, I know an awesome web designer I can hook you up with. Seriously!]

  2. Adventures in Kevin's World

    Where have you been? You were the (red) light of my life. Wait, that didn’t come out quite right. But I have been missing your skewed sense of humor.

    • Welp Kevin, fortunately my writing now pays my bills, a long time dream of mine for the past three years. Unfortunately, that has resulted in less time to put on my onesie and frolic around WordPress and YouTube. That being said, my friend, I AM scheming a come back. Just working out the logisitcs ;).

  3. Rohan 7 Things

    Hey Becca! I’me doing a blog tour for my new book and I was wondering if you’d like to have me guest post for you!

    You can get more info here and see the list of guest posts that are available:

    If you’re into the idea let me know and tell me which post you want 🙂

    Take care!


    • Rohan, I am very interested! I haven’t had a guest post in a long time, and I think it’s badass that you are doing a book tour. I’d love to support it. I already looked at the topics and I want to snag: “Why and How I haven’t Thrown Up For Over 11 Years! ”

      Everyone here knows I don’t throw up either! Yay!

      • Rohan 7 Things

        Awesome! Always great to meet another non-vomiter lol, you definitely deserve that post 🙂

        Thanks a lot for having me, I’ll get on it ASAP, you let me know a good day for it to go live, any time after the 11th is good for me 😉

        Oooh, I’m all excited now!


  4. Hi, I also changed from the local ballet school to an after school stage school (about an hour from my school). Life just went wrong. I was very bad at picking up steps, I didn’t really have the legs (and kept putting on and taking off weight). However, I will always love dancing and theatre. Have you consided the option of training as an areobics instrutor? Or walking at the gym. This would combine some of your dance training. Best wishes.

  5. I’ve given you the very inspiring blogger award at Please come check it out. I also gave you the Blogger of the Year Award.

  6. Great blog. a pleasure to read. Makes me smile every time.

  7. VERY INTERESTING…REALLY (You don’t look old enough to remember Laugh-In, on TV)! Are you interested in poetry at all….many subjects? Be happy to have the honor of your perusal… Sounds rather like my college and life experiences!

  8. You need a signal to shine in the sky; a giant, crimson “B” would do nicely…

  9. Becca, no matter how many times I click the LIKE button, I can’t get it to stick. I have had trouble on your blog before. Is it me or you? Check whatever you’ve got to check, because I have wanted to like many of your posts, but it just won’t stick! HF

    PS: Now it’s not letting my post under you blogs! Have you got me blocked? Are you trying to tell me something?

    • Is that a serious question? Why would I ever block you?! Never. Actually, I didn’t even know you could do that sort of thing.

      I have experienced what you described before on a blog I follow with the like button and such. I am not sure what the deal is. In my case, I think I had to unfollow and then follow him back again and the issue resolved itself. Try that and let me know if it works. If not, I’ll look into what else the problem could be. Oh, and THANKS for letting me know 🙂

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