Bloggers for Movember

My first Movember experience will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I will think about all of the cat hair I ingested with a smile on my face. I will also forever have a special spot in my heart next to that hairball for Le Clown who resurrected me by including me on the project. The friendships I made with other collaborators will be kept near and dear. I will bask in the memory of all of the e-mails filled with gleeful Movemeber banter, and all of the posts that selflessly helped spread the word for Bloggers for Movember. Mostly though, I will forever be grateful to the bloggers who participated in my first blogging contest ever. Y’all are the ones who made it a success. Y’all are the ones who gave me the courage to speak into a shitty webcam in my underwear. Y’all are what made Movember.

There were 27 contestants

Only 4 could be winners…

And only one man could immortalize them forever in an illustrated banner…

You can watch the reveal video here. Winners are ‘stache color coated.

25ToFly Movember Finale

Madame Weebles: Red

A true Movember trooper, she not only blogged about the movement, donated to the cause, and shared in some of the behind the scenes work, but she did it all despite being hit by a fucking hurricane. Though Sandy put her out of commission for a moment, it didn’t kill her spirit. Nothing can. She is tougher than the Peanut Butter candy I attempted to make for Christmas. She came back with her weebles blazing and gave us all one hell of a Movember contest of her own. In the end, we all got to see how NOT hideous she is in real life, and four participants received weebles of their own. Which I assume the madame birthed herself. Thanks for procreating the weeble population. The world wouldn’t be the same without you.

Brother Jon:  Pink

Jon had one of the most glorious mustaches forming on his face for this year’s Movember. He shared it with us without hesitation, and in different lights. He blogged, he donated, he clicked the shit out of every “like” button out there that involved the word Movember. Jon is more than just your average blogger/LDS Convert. He is involved in giving back, not only to charitable causes, but to the blogging community as a whole. Thank you Jon. We could all learn from you. Plus, you look dashing in a green tie and pink mustache. True manliness emanates from that ‘stache.

Katie: Blue

I didn’t know much about Katie when I came across her donation on the US Bloggers for Movember page, but with a little investigation, I was impressed by what I found. She raised awareness in her own corner of the blog world, and surely reached a special audience. Katie is a Speech Language Pathology student, and a damn good blogger. Her posts are informative, intelligent, and she especially likes Tim, so automatically she falls into the brilliant category. A big thank you goes to the adorable Katie, who I believe will have a massive influence on many people in her future. Good luck in everything you do.

Chris De Vosse: Green

Favoritism is frowned upon, so no, I definitely didn’t save the favorite for last. As much as I wish that Chris was as in love with me as he is with La La, I could never hold his own favoritism against him. La La is a catch, and Chris is too funny to every be upset with. I somehow knew he would chose to be illustrated as a zombie, or something equally as elaborate. With a name like De Vosse, you kind of have a certain reputation to uphold. Kind of like how bras uphold boobs. Yes, exactly like that. Right Chris? I thank you for taking full advantage of the prize, for supporting my blog and Movember, and for never letting me down with your Facebook status updates. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be responsible for continuing the human race after the zombie apocalypse.

Next year Movember will roll around again, and hopefully with even more fury than this year. The Bloggers for Movember torch has been passed down to me by Le Clown for 2013, and I couldn’t be more honored. I am honing my vlogging skills. I am saving copious amounts of cat hair. I am continuing to make out with mustaches all year long … you know, to prepare for my obligations in 2013. If I learned one thing from my experience as part of the team this year, it is that a successful Movember can’t be orchestrated alone. I will be calling on some of you to help me facilitate this thing when the time comes. Until next year, Mo on y’all.

becca cord signature

  1. Becca,
    Fuck yeah.
    L’Eloquent Clown

  2. Success. This is a win in my book. Thank you for the shutout and compliments. Movember Movember, we will always remember the 25ToFly Movember.

  3. Thank you so much. I especially like the fact that I do have the Pink ‘Stache. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Real men wear pink.

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