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Let’s Make a Deal

Three orders of business today puppets:

1. A major thank you is due to Le Clown yet again for being my hero. He is the mastermind behind taking what started as a photography experiment and turning it into the outstanding piece of banner you see at the top of my page. What you see today is the final product of much work. And he did it through a drug haze. Let’s all show him extra love today.

2. Speaking of Le Clown, there is an important post today on his second blog Black Box Warnings. It’s important, because I wrote it. It is also important, because it was not easy. I struggled with how to write this post. I beat myself up for not being able to pull out the serious. I avoided it like it was an army of bullfrogs. If you don’t know I hate frogs, you do now. But I prevailed. So please, check it out. If you love me you will (said the abusive guilt tripping blogger).

3. More guilt tripping. If you missed my post and vlog yesterday, you need to stop slacking and go read/watch it, because I was kind of sort of maybe really definitely proud of it.


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Maybe I am Not So Bad After All

I was out to dinner at a Mexican joint last night with three of my former co-workers. We have not seen each other in quite a while, thus we were filling each other in on love lives, career paths, and the sort as gals do. After hearing about all the exciting things going on in my friends’ lives and seeing how successful they are becoming, I sat with a discouraged feeling in my gut. My phone’s e-mail button blinked one lonely notification. Probably just my daily newsletter. I opened the e-mail anyway in a moment of lulled conversation at the table. Then, the biggest grin cruised across my face.

leibster blog award

A very splendid blogger nominated me for the Liebster Award! My friends probably all assumed I was receiving flirty texts when they saw my gleaming, but the reality was way better. I wanted to go home and post immediately, but being that it was rounding ten o’clock, and I was a couple of beers and one (secretly celebratory) shot of tequila deep, I decided to wait until this morning. I also wanted to make sure I followed the rules. For those that I have nominated below, you can find the rules at the blog of my nominator, agreycat. Not only is his writing intriguing with its flares of nostalgia, but he also is obviously very interactive in the blogging community. Everyone go check him out, and thanks again my man!

Now, it is time for me to play Liebster blog award fairy. Let me grab my wand. Oh, and please forgive me as well if I break the less than 200 followers rule. I still haven’t figured out why after I follow someone I can no longer see their follower count. If anyone knows where my brain is malfunctioning on that one, it would be stellar if you’d let me know. Okay, drum roll. Here are five blogs, aside from agreycat’s of course, that I truly enjoy reading and you will too:

This Guy

A really insightful lady

A flipping funny lady

Stories and food. ‘Nuff said.

Because she is a fellow Louisianian. And talented.

I will be attempting  to post my originally planned material later today, but if it turns out to be tomorrow everyone now has plenty of reading material. Check out these ladies and gentlemen and stay tuned for my next post. It includes an embarrassing childhood photo. Just saying.

Crawfish Withdrawal


Growing up in Shreveport, LA crawfish were not eaten so often as the deeper southern areas of Louisiana. Apparently Shreveport qualifies as a Texan city by most Cajuns, being that it is so close to the border. I have come to automatically expect being called out as a “Yankee” as soon as I mention my hometown anywhere south of Alexandria.

Anyway, I never liked crawfish growing up. This is sort of blasphemy, but it wasn’t a case of faulty taste buds. I may be a Yankee but my taste buds most certainly are not. No, the problem was that I was a lazy and picky eater (at least when it came to seafood). Not only was I never able to master the practice of peeling the mud bugs, but I was also annoyingly finicky about deveining. Okay, I admit I am still annoyingly finicky about the vein. Devein ALL the things!

When I moved to Lafayette, I soon became a part of many gatherings revolving around this delicacy. Read the rest of this entry

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