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Some People Have Spoken

There is nothing better than waking up at 7:00 am on your one day to sleep in. It is just magical. It is especially refreshing if you wake up because your apartment walls are thinner than Trump’s hairline and it sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher is haunting you. That concludes the venting portion of today’s post.

First order of business:

Thanks to all of those who gave me some feedback on my header and “button”. I know I didn’t leave much time for everyone to have a chance to give input, but it didn’t take many responses until I knew what to do. I think the collective response so far is that I should have stuck with the old header. Sometimes your first instinct is the better one. So, I brought back my girl Cinder. *And the crowd goes wild*

As far as the button goes, it stays, but it needed some enhancing. I found a much better tutorial to help me with that here. In this instance, unlike my header, my first choice for a helpful link was not the best. Oh, we are also not going to call it a button anymore. The more I look at that word, the more disgustingly cutesy it seems. We are going to call it a label. A blog label. A blabel. The phrase, “check out/grab my button!” should be reserved for getting lucky. Read the rest of this entry

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