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More Pretty People

Because I had so much fun last week turning you all into celebs, I am continuing with a few more this week.

dave coulier

Chris because he too likes to talk to beavers. He might also have a Booby puppet.

travis barker

Kyle has an edge about him. I get the impression that he knows a thing or two about wooing the ladies, as does Travis Barker. I had my very own Travis-obsessed era.

elle page

Since all I am going off of is a picture of her forehead, I am using my imagination. I would imagine Kay to resemble an Ellen Page type. Ballsy with just the right mix of girly.

paul rudd

I am sure Jason knows how to slap some bass. Plus, he was the designated tweeter for me and Lauren’s drunk twittering party Friday. So Rudd of him.

earl hindman

Because I don’t know much about Moses yet, in my mind he is WordPress Wilson. Intriguing and funny, but he hasn’t shown his whole face yet.

I also got a fortune cookie today that read: Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors. Does this mean if I read enough of the aforementioned bloggers’ material that I can stop having to run on the treadmill at my shady gym? That would be convenient.

Stay tuned to meet The Man Huntress.

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Forgive Me Friday

puss n boots

Something tells me that if my face could do this I wouldn’t have gotten all of those speeding tickets.

When there are times that I am wrong (rarely ever), I say I am wrong. This is one of those times. I’ll start by extending an apology to the late Mary Kay. I don’t assume it is good for one’s karma to insinuate that the deceased mogul resembles a cross dressing Dustin Hoffman. In my defense, I wasn’t aware she wasn’t still around until last night at the “party”. Obviously, I am not a Mary Kay historian.

I have to give the company the credit it truly deserves. My apology is for judging the mascara by its applicator so to speak. Don’t worry, I wasn’t talked into joining the cult. I am not quitting my day job nor my dream of becoming a writer to paint pouts and strut around in mink stoles (knowledge courtesy of  Ms. Carolina). However, my perception of Mary Kay as changed for the better. Prior to last night, those perceptions were frozen in time. The last impression I have of the brand dates back to ’02 when I couldn’t escape the sight of my best friend’s high-resolution eye shadow every day in math class. She always bragged that it was Mary Kay and that her mother was a beauty consultant… so of course she knew what she was doing.

The truth is that I actually ended up buying about seventy dollars worth of the stuff and my purchases weren’t even influenced by friend-guilt. Well played Mary Kay, well played.

My second apology is to those of you who read this blog and is in regards to my post about not telling your friends if you plan to quit smoking. I am a lying hypocrite. Why? Because I did tell my friends. I told all of you. I consider anyone a friend who takes the time to read my junk (that’s what she said?). So, I apologize for not taking my own advice, and I sincerely thank all my blogging friends for being such dashing human beings. Unless you don’t think we are friends, in which case I hope you choke on a mink stole.

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