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Handy Woman Practice

Big Lott's Bar Stools

Hey where did that cat come from?

I am as feminine as they come, or so I like to think. However, there is one typically non girly skill I master (or am somewhat decent at). I can put shit together like a champ. Stereotypically this is a male skill. You fequently hear handy man, rarely ever handy woman. My handy skills development started at age seventeen when I moved away from my parents house to get my learn on. It started small. A table here. A gadget there. Then I moved on to the big time stuff like my bed and my treadmill (my greatest accomplishment to date). It just so happens that I never have anyone around to help, so with a determined mind I wrangle the task solo.

I have beenĀ in my new apartment for about two months now. Thus far, I have transformed my loving bed in to a multi purpose working, eating, sleeping, cat cuddling, writing, and exercise station. I lied about the exercise part. Anyway, I figured it was about time I invest in some actual chairs. My back will surely thank me. Off to Big Lott’s I sashayed… or something like that. Read the rest of this entry

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