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More Pretty People

Because I had so much fun last week turning you all into celebs, I am continuing with a few more this week.

dave coulier

Chris because he too likes to talk to beavers. He might also have a Booby puppet.

travis barker

Kyle has an edge about him. I get the impression that he knows a thing or two about wooing the ladies, as does Travis Barker. I had my very own Travis-obsessed era.

elle page

Since all I am going off of is a picture of her forehead, I am using my imagination. I would imagine Kay to resemble an Ellen Page type. Ballsy with just the right mix of girly.

paul rudd

I am sure Jason knows how to slap some bass. Plus, he was the designated tweeter for me and Lauren’s drunk twittering party Friday. So Rudd of him.

earl hindman

Because I don’t know much about Moses yet, in my mind he is WordPress Wilson. Intriguing and funny, but he hasn’t shown his whole face yet.

I also got a fortune cookie today that read: Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors. Does this mean if I read enough of the aforementioned bloggers’ material that I can stop having to run on the treadmill at my shady gym? That would be convenient.

Stay tuned to meet The Man Huntress.

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