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This Is A Fourthcoming Post

Happy July 4th, 2013.

hit in face with roman candle

Don’t point Roman Candles at your dome šŸ˜¦

As premature explosions were … exploding outside of the window, I started thinking about what the fourth means.

1st: The fourth means it is exactly 17 days until I turn 25. Ahem.

2nd: The fourth means JackĀ cementsĀ himself to the windowsill from sundown until the warfare of tonight fizzles out like the last kernels of popcorn dancing in the microwave. Let’s just hope nothing burns in the same fashion. Especially cat fur.

3rd: The fourth means beer (speaking of, I have a special shower beer surprise to share with you all next week!)


(see what I did there?)

5th and finally: The main meaning and reason to celebrate the fourth is the birth of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Unfortunately, Mike the Situation’s identical birth date will turn this celebration into a detention.

I think I just about covered all of the meanings of July 4th. I don’t think I missed anything. So happy pyro-ing Flysters. If you haven’t checked out the Blogger Interactive Facebook and Twitter pages, I’m not sharing my sparklers with you. Instead, I will throw those tiny white poppers of terror at your toesies. So check it out! If you’re good, I will also give you all the first peek at my first ever podcast with Peter Dewolf on The Pete Cast!

,.-~`*********`~-., Ā (blog dud fireworks for everyone!)

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