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Stuff’s a Brewin’

This is a quick post to announce a few things.

running shoe with toes

1. Behold a cool new running shoe that makes me feel like I am in the future. Or, a reptile. I haven’t decided.

2. I have a muscle in my rib cage that has been twitching for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I’m not aggravated by it or anything.

3. I can’t stop obsessing over my twitching muscle long enough to use two hands to type an actual post.

4. I spotted the disappearing fox from 301 yesterday in a turn of events.

5. I have hired the help of The Man Huntress to help me keep track of him from now on.

6. You will get to find out who The Man Huntress is soon enough if you pay attention.

Hint: She has double the visual powers of a normal blogger. You know, for spotting attractive men in the wild.

7. Rich, ignore this post. You are the only fox for me, even if you are a silver fox.

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