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I’ll See Your Air And Raise You a Jetty


[Hampton Beach sure did rock my world. That pun was just embarrassing. Can I get my groove back already?]

Northeast air seduced me from the moment I stepped out of Logan Airport. There was a blunt and intense sensation hitting me almost immediately that I could not ignore. I… I could breathe. The air was positively intoxicating as opposed to the suffocating sauna-like air that radiates the South. Instead of dragging around choking on the heat, I was frolicking about in a humidity-free trance. I couldn’t help but wonder how I might bottle it up and bring it home with me.

Rarely have I experienced a place with days warm enough to sport a tank top and shorts and nights that require a sweater (fleece jacket in my case). I always watched films in which this phenomenon occurred. The actress runs wildly in a bikini during the day scenes, and come nightfall, is cozied up in a big long-sleeved poncho on a porch somewhere. It always confused me. Now, I had full understanding of the different weather outside of Louisiana’s inferno. It is safe to say I fell in love with this aspect of the North, and I also must say my hair was looking mighty lustrous minus all the frizz action.

The beach in New Hampshire, where we spent a day before storming the city of Boston, was unlike any beach I’d ever seen. Read the rest of this entry

Living With PVD

Boston skywalk

[It is official. I am experiencing PVD. For those of you who are unfamiliar, post vacation depression is a very real and debilitating condition. While it is not fatal, those who suffer from it often wish it was.]

As I return to my abandoned blog, as well as reality, I am finding it harder than expected to jump back into motion. It is kind of like the water up in New Hampshire on Hampton Beach. It was so frigid that I couldn’t do anything other than slowly ease myself in to each new wave. Even then, with each step deeper I was getting slapped with a little more of the arctic liquid than I anticipated.

I worked pretty feverishly on some projects before I jumped ship (which I am hoping to have word on soon), so the disconnect I enjoyed and carefree role I assumed in Boston were quite liberating. Alas, it is time to soldier on. I will be working on a series of posts featuring the parts of my trip that were (in my mind) the most significant. I’ll also be walking around confusing people by saying things like, “that’s wicked, y’all”.

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