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Please Welcome Back Z: The Fugitive

By popular demand, I am back! Well, that was actually my demand to Becca; to write another blog for me to have something entertaining to read today. When she failed to meet that demand, I decided it better to write my own and use her webspace to host the story I am about to tell. I posted the shortened version on my Facebook yesterday and received a bountiful seven “likes” that left me quite disappointed. So, instead I am going to use Becca’s immense following to help me bask in the glory of what I accomplished. After this is finished, I am going to Nevada to find a cavern where I can further retell my story by the use of finger paintings on cave walls.


He looks innocent enough, right? Wrong, Read on.

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You Read. I Sleep. life after college article

Well Y’all, as I am sipping a coffee the size of Texas, I present to you my guest post article on Click that picture. Don’t be a punk, just do it. I’d sure appreciate it, because it took me about thirty minutes to decipher the screen shot function on my lap top. I never knew there was a “fn” key. Dink! I am now depleted of all energy. Good night day.

Oh, and you should probably rummage around the whole LA Family website if you survive reading about my close call with home ownership. There are some fantastic articles over there. Your mom would want you to. Just saying.


Coffee no work. Coma here I come.

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