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5 Things To Love/Hate About Traveling

airport terminal

Have you ever seen a dog trying to walk the wrong way on a moving sidewalk? You should.

This Labor Day weekend I decided buy a ticket back up to Boston on Saturday to visit someone. I woke up Friday realizing I had absolutely no plans for the last free day off of work that I have this year (besides Thanksgiving and Christmas which are mandatory family time holidays), so I figured what the hell. I was traveling alone for the first time. This resulted in an abundance of observations, conversations with strangers, and playing Yahtzee… with myself. Here are five positive things that I enjoyed while traveling alone:

1. Overly nice flight attendants who wink at little children, give you extra peanuts, and don’t scold you for not knowing what “put your bag all the way under the seat” means. Guilty as charged.

2. Plenty of time for thinking about nothing or thinking about everything.  Or, brushing up on your gaming skills. I guarantee that I can now beat anyone at Yahtzee nine times out of ten.

3. Taking off and landing. Window seats. I believe I am the minority in this opinion, but in the words of Ricky Bobby, “I wanna go fast”.

4. The enjoyment of snooping on other people’s reading selections, or whatever boredom activity in which they choose to partake, and then manifesting their life story in my head. Some people might just call this people watching.

5. When luck intervenes, and the other two seats in your airplane row are occupied by clones of yourself. Commence immediate bonding, mutual appreciation, and talk of sympathy for others’ unfortunate seat assignments.

BONUS: Seeing a rainbow from above. I was totally having this kind of moment.

Planes that go up must come down. There are some great must-experience moments of traveling and flying, but there are also some less pleasant aspects of such travel: Read the rest of this entry

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