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Tuesday Snoozeday

too awesome for tuesday

Is it just me, or is Tuesday the most uneventful day of the week? Check it out.

  • Monday may very well be the black sheep of the weekday family, but at least it is known for something. At least you can fill the hours of your day with incessant bitching.
  • Wednesday is kind of like the just-popular-enough step brother of Thursday. It also is often referred to by using the word hump. The only time this is a bad thing is when you are driving over a misnamed speed hump bump going way too fast.
  • Thursday is just close enough to Friday to put some pep back in your step. It is also my favorite weekday (dubbed thirsty Thursday), because by then yours truly becomes parched, and the only remedy is Jim Beam.
  • Friday = Parties, paychecks, and pandemonium. I don’t think elaboration is necessary.
  • Saturday is Mecca. Saturday is that distant cousin who ran off from the weekday family to live a Summer in Paris sipping Cafe au Lait by day and squandering Absinthe by night. It is the day to sleep in, do whatever you want, and then entertain the enchanting notions of  the unpredictable course Saturday night could take you.
  • Finally, there is Sunday Funday. Even the most chill day of the week gets an inviting name. Host of family barbecues, abundant naps, football, catching up on housework, and maybe even a little front porch swing action, Sunday is akin to Wednesday but with slightly better genes.

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