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Living: Don’t Let Relationships, Ruts, or Reservations Get in the Way

Since the beginning of August 2011 I have been making a conscious effort to better my life, find new passions, learn things I thought I couldn’t, and live a little. Things I hadn’t been doing. What provoked this revelation of change? As Cliche as it sounds (don’t worry I am aware), it all started with a break up. I will give you a little back story.  I will also try not to let it drag on, but I can’t  make any promises.

Lets go back to 9-11-10. My friends L and P, who are one of the most rad couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, were engaged and planning a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. At the time, my best friend who I call Booger (maybe I will explain that one in a later post), had just moved away to start a new job. I met L and P through her and was disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to be my date for the occasion. I didn’t know really any of the other people attending aside from the merry couple. I convinced myself I’d have a miserable time and decided to skip out on the party. Then at the last minute, I pep talked myself into throwing on my best dress. Next thing I knew I was on my way to the trolley. You never know who you might meet, right?

Well… I met someone alright. Read the rest of this entry

And… Begin!

Hello WordPress!

This post will mark the beginning of an experiment for me.  Today will be spent exploring this place, and figuring out what it is all about. I have a specific job in mind for the future, in a place far from where I am now. Being efficient in WordPress is one of the skills I will need if I ever hope to get there. If my course changes between now and then, I can, at the very least, eliminate “Create a Blog” from my bucket list.

It will be interesting to test out my writing skills as well. Growing up in school, I was always interested in and actually good at writing. Well, so I was told… which may just mean I had good cheerleaders in my life. Either way, because of this instilled confidence, I stuck with writing. I wrote in diaries physically by hand, moved on to an online journal of sorts, joined my high school news paper staff for three years, and so on. Specifically enjoyed editorials. I am eager to see what I can come up with creatively as well as learning what I need to learn.

The plan is to also enroll in some other extracurricular skills classes (Photoshop, Social Media Marketing) … you know, whatever I can afford while still saving, and write about the experiences with those. Along with that, I plan to use this as a brainstorming outlet for sorting out ideas, plans, research, and any thoughts that will help me achieve my ultimate goal. That goal is quite simple in its beginning stages of development: fly somewhere new. When I say fly… I mean to move, live, work, explore, and meet new people in a place I have never been. Louisiana is my home at heart, but spending more than another year and a half coddling myself in such a small corner of the world has recently become a ridiculous thought to me. This will happen by the time I am 25 years old.

Basically, this will turn in to what it turns in to. It could very well just end up being a pile of laundry that never gets hung up.

Relevant tattoo (yes, mine). Got this Fleur De Lis on my wrist in New Olreans last year to keep me from getting home sick when I leave the south.

Fleur de Lis





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